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With another milestone, we have widened our network by launching our new office in Srilanka! The office is located at the East Tower of the World Trade Centre, Echelon Square in Colombo. We now have a global presence across 9 locations- Kochi,Bangalore, US, UK, UAE, Africa, Canada and Srilanka

Let’s Go Green Together

Dazeworks Bangalore took a small step towards boosting up employee’s lifestyle with Pledge 1%. In association with it, a small plantation program was conducted near Shishu Mandir where the team planted 50 saplings.

Ninja of the Month
  • May 18
    Vetri Manoharan, Swati Taunk
    Technical Lead, Salesforce Operations Head, Bangalore
    These two Ninjas juggle multiple projects. They help their teammates to rise up and have received excellent reviews from clients on their commitment and quality of work.
  • April 18
    Vetriselvan Manoharan
    Technical Lead
    This Ninja is a dedicated, passionate and hardworking person. He makes sure his team is secure, has strong self- set goals and meets and exceeds them too. Highly determined and capable of handling multiple projects, he loves taking in teammates and is a phoenix who has risen to glory many times. He hates us bragging about him too
  • March 2018
    Akash Mishra
    Sr. Salesforce Developer
    A new face to a few of us since he works from remote, but a family member to all of us who know him well. Handling multiple projects, attending and organizing meetups is just a piece of cake for this Ninja.
  • February 2018
    Vasanth Kumar
    Sr. UI Designer
    Few words on this Ninja, caring and lovable. He speaks less but his creative work speaks a lot, a great pillar of support and down to earth - in short, a behind the scenes wonder!!
  • January 2018
    Priti Das
    Sr. Quality Analyst
    This Ninja has been a perfect example of managing multiple responsibilities and keeping a cool head at work. This Ninja is understanding and a huge helping hand for juniors. Being a documentation nerd and a fitness freak are just added feathers to this ninjas crown.
  • December 2017
    Himanshu Atal
    Salesforce Developer - Tech Lead
    A warm and nice person at heart, a great leader, and a team player! His way of working is incomparable. His dedication is remarkable, his passion towards work is truly the right quality for an awesome Ninja!!
  • November 2017
    Sivasree Devinarayanan
    HR Executive
    A strong leader, Sivasree has helped in bringing in some of the best talents to the team and has successfully met hiring targets. A self-learner with a curious mind to know things, she is dedicated and loves working out of her comfort zone.
  • October 2017
    Pratap Murukutla
    Sr Salesforce Developer - Tech Lead
    A sweet and genuine person, Pratap loves helping everyone. He has a unique perspective to coding and people and has the passion to help others learn.
  • September 2017
    Saritha Karuturi
    Senior Salesforce Developer
    Silent, yet smart, Sarita is a charming friend and can crack any touch issues.
  • August 17
    Madhu Balachandran
    HR and Operations Executive
    Madhu is helpful, trustworthy, smiling and caring. He is a good friend to all and a good listener who tries to sort things out as and when they come up.
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