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Chamil Madusanka gets honored with the Salesforce MVP title this year

It gives us great privilege and happiness to announce that Chamil Madusanka, Director of Dazeworks Technologies has been awarded the first Salesforce MVP title from Sri Lanka. The journey wasn’t easy, he got there through a lot of hard work, dedication and endless contributions! Happy that he has made his way to the Trailblazer community. Many congratulations to our most dedicated ninja!

Salesforce Customer Success Platform Event At Kochi

Dazeworks organized the first of its kind technology summit exclusively for the CXOs. It was a great opportunity for the CXO Community to explore how Salesforce transforms businesses and does a great part in getting your job done.

Pledge One Percent – Navajeevan School for Special Needs

Dazeworks never fails to give one percent of it’s equity, time, product, and profit to charity every month. As part of the pledge 1 percent initiative, we had visited the Navajeevan school for special needs. They were truly special and blessed with amazing talents. We had the best time with the kids and they inspired us to be better human beings.

Ninja of the Month
  • May 19
    Prateek Bansal
    Salesforce Developer
    This Ninja came in and swept us away just within a few months by managing multiple teams and projects with elan. With project tasks, attending Pledge OnePercent events and the critical task of timely submission of timesheets. Leading with 589 points, our ninja for the month of May is Prateek Bansal!!
  • June 19
    Shruti Sridharan
    Salesforce Developer
    The maximum number of Trailhead badges, satisfied clients, continued presence at stand-ups, meeting project deadlines and adding certifications to her kitty! This person earns the Ninja of the month of June. With 635 points, it is none other than Shruti Sridharan!
  • March 19
    Mitul Patel
    Business Analyst
    It is amazing how energetic this ninja is, proving her leadership and project management skills in a short time! Our ninja is meticulous in updating and documenting every single project she is involved in and has received client accolades for her work. She is also a community leader and truly deserves a hats off for all the multi-tasking! You guesses are right! It is our very own Mitul Patel. Congratulations Mitul!
  • February 19
    Ratheesh Chandran
    Sr. UI Designer
    he Ninja of the month for Feb is a really good friend, one of the seniors in the creative department and he has also been specially recognized by Indiadreamin team as well!! he is none other than Ratheesh Chandran (For Kochi, their favorite Ratheesh ettan)
  • January 19
    Akarsh Jain and Suresh Rayi
    Sr. Salesforce Developer and Salesforce Developer
    This Ninja has earned this by juggling projects and inspiring a lot of people!! This Ninja is a Lighting Wizard and loves his work!! He is a good friend and is none other than our very own Akarsh Jain. The other Ninja shall be an inspiration to all the trainees!! He joined us as a trainee and is patient as a saint! He has proven that patience pays off, his work has been appreciated by many and he is excellent in timekeeping and documentation, a great developer and a learner!! He is our very own Suresh Rayi
  • December 18
    Mahadevan Narashima
    Operations Executive
    This ninja is a pillar for our Bengaluru location and is the go-to person for anyone there. He is a great listener and problem-solver, making him a valuable addition to the team. With 705 points, we are glad to announce Mahadevan Narashima as the Ninja of the Month for December.
  • November 18
    Vasanth Kumar
    Head of Creative Design
    He is a creative mastermind and has been a key player in building the voice of Dazeworks and our brand. He is also part of client projects and has handling both roles effectively for the past quarter. With 756 points, we are happy to announce Vasanth Kumar as the Ninja of the Month for November.
  • October 18
    Nandini Poojari
    Sr. Salesforce Developer
    Our ninja is a person who proved herself before she completed her one year anniversary with us!! She is dedicated and hardworking and has been contributing to team projects in the best ways. With 790 points, we are pleased to announce Nandini Poojari as the Ninja of the Month for October.
  • May 18
    Vetri Manoharan, Swati Taunk
    Technical Lead, Salesforce Operations Head, Bangalore
    These two Ninjas juggle multiple projects. They help their teammates to rise up and have received excellent reviews from clients on their commitment and quality of work.
  • April 18
    Vetriselvan Manoharan
    Technical Lead
    This Ninja is a dedicated, passionate and hardworking person. He makes sure his team is secure, has strong self- set goals and meets and exceeds them too. Highly determined and capable of handling multiple projects, he loves taking in teammates and is a phoenix who has risen to glory many times. He hates us bragging about him too
  • March 2018
    Akash Mishra
    Sr. Salesforce Developer
    A new face to a few of us since he works from remote, but a family member to all of us who know him well. Handling multiple projects, attending and organizing meetups is just a piece of cake for this Ninja.
  • February 2018
    Vasanth Kumar
    Sr. UI Designer
    Few words on this Ninja, caring and lovable. He speaks less but his creative work speaks a lot, a great pillar of support and down to earth - in short, a behind the scenes wonder!!
  • January 2018
    Priti Das
    Sr. Quality Analyst
    This Ninja has been a perfect example of managing multiple responsibilities and keeping a cool head at work. This Ninja is understanding and a huge helping hand for juniors. Being a documentation nerd and a fitness freak are just added feathers to this ninjas crown.
  • December 2017
    Himanshu Atal
    Salesforce Developer - Tech Lead
    A warm and nice person at heart, a great leader, and a team player! His way of working is incomparable. His dedication is remarkable, his passion towards work is truly the right quality for an awesome Ninja!!
  • November 2017
    Sivasree Devinarayanan
    HR Executive
    A strong leader, Sivasree has helped in bringing in some of the best talents to the team and has successfully met hiring targets. A self-learner with a curious mind to know things, she is dedicated and loves working out of her comfort zone.
  • October 2017
    Pratap Murukutla
    Sr Salesforce Developer - Tech Lead
    A sweet and genuine person, Pratap loves helping everyone. He has a unique perspective to coding and people and has the passion to help others learn.
  • September 2017
    Saritha Karuturi
    Senior Salesforce Developer
    Silent, yet smart, Sarita is a charming friend and can crack any touch issues.
  • August 17
    Madhu Balachandran
    HR and Operations Executive
    Madhu is helpful, trustworthy, smiling and caring. He is a good friend to all and a good listener who tries to sort things out as and when they come up.
  • July 17
    Chamil Madusanka
    Salesforce Developer - Technical Lead
    Apart from his top notch Salesforce skills, Chamil is also known also for the books he has authored on Salesforce, his photography, leadership skills and much more!
  • June 17
    Deepak K Anand
    Technical Architect
    Deepak build the E2C Loop Protection Appexchange app (overnight!) and is a great mentor. He has also been ranked 3rd on the IdeaSpokes Leaderboard.
  • May'17
    Vinay Chaturvedi
    Principal Consultant
    There is a lot in Vinay - a great individual and an MVP. He is a specialist and workaholic, loves salesforce!
  • April 17
    Swati Taunk
    Salesforce Lead
    A proud moment that Swati is awarded Ninja of the Month for the second time! Swati's hard work, dedication, and passion have proved that this is well deserved.
  • March 17
    Veeranjaneyulu Kunchala
    Sr Salesforce Developer
    Veera is smart and dedicated! He is always smiling and ready to lend a helping hand.
  • February 17
    Abhinay Saripalli
    Salesforce Developer
    Abhinay is a very good friend and human being who takes up responsibilities and makes sure that things are on the right track. A dedicated and hardworking person, we are proud of the technical knowledge you bring in to the team.
  • December 16
    Bhavna Banodha
    Salesforce Developer
    Bhavna is a true supporter and a strong pillar who is very dedicated and the first ever Ninja to be awarded the title in such a small span of time. Thank you for the amazing expertise and leadership that you add to the team.
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