Transcending the World of Digital Business

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Transcending the World of Digital Business

Posted by Aiswarya Hariharan

From barter to coins to currencies, trading has evolved to business, took some 150000 years. But the last century witnessed rather drastic changes and an even momentous change in the last decade with the introduction of mobiles and popularization of the Internet. If E-Commerce was insufficient, we are now in the course of a complete Digital Transformation. To understand digital transformation is simply to deal with traditional problem or matters with technology. It basically replicates an existing service or action to make it more effective and efficient by replacing any effort with technology. Having said that, digital business transformation need not always purport “bettering” or “updating” existing technologies. Customer-centric innovation is likely the key to this.


The process will be an absolute transformation, a ubiquitous change in operational, behavioural and organizational levels. Mere introduction of technology is insufficient, furthermore must thrive for an overall transition in terms of thinking, working and innovation. Salesforce Program Architect Director, Adolfo Magan discusses this is achievable with three key efforts: Evolve, Adapt and Transform.

First step is to evolve from the status quo. For this, one must understand the organisational maturity of their company. Identifying current challenges and analyzing existing methods to come up with solutions that harness operations optimally. Along with this, attention must be paid to put the foundation for future scalability as well. The second step is to understand what works best for your organization. Coordinating business activities and strategies to understand the need and developing a digital replacement for the same. Introduction of a digital business model will familiarize employers and customers with respect to its operation. Once the model is executed and experimented, the company can move towards portfolio management and budgeting for digitization. The investment can be made strategically as a whole for complete digitization of the organization rather than bifurcating it into projects. Proper speculation and planning are necessary to achieve this.


Social media and communication advances interconnect consumers and organisations through a number of multimedia alternatives. Improved analytics technology is turning abundant raw data into actionable conclusions which are converted for such customer services and organizational ventures. This is backed up by the SMAC technologies which encompass its expansion – Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. The Internet of Things helps in the collection and assimilation of client data to enhance marketing and customer retention through such digitization. But for a normal organisation to be fully automated is quite a task.

Salesforce provides the platform to conceptualize, develop and execute such applications which could be abstruse for a traditional organization. It creates and deploys applications by integrating SMAC technologies with database models, APIs, integration services, rapid visual development, and reporting and management services, and incorporates easy-to-use drag-and-drop app design tools which can be easily comprehended and used. The Salesforce Process Builders act as a plinth and expedite the activities with its capacity to program and automate complex and repetitive tasks.


Electrotherm India, a pioneer in the engineering metal melting industry, accomplished a mammoth automation process with Salesforce. This manufacturing conglomerate provided services in 44 countries around the world. Such exponential growth demands a holistic and computerized customer relations. Dr Vishad Rahangdale, CIO, articulates “Salesforce Customer Success Platform as a way to turn that around, giving us a constant flow of rich data to service customers faster and drive new opportunities”.

The iconic toy manufacturing company ‘Mattel’ benefited from Salesforce in developing and implementing an app to connect it to its customers around the world for smooth and hassle-free access to the company and its products.

Genesys, a trailblazer in geospatial technology upgraded to provide real-time maps and data, and automated its sales process to deliver significant value to its customers by optimized customer engagements through multiple channels and develop coherent activities.

Exigent customers are being born with all the assistance provided by companies – real-time and convenient customer service aided by automation. And customer expectation is not going to get lower. More and more advancements are being developed and convenience is manifested in bizarre ways. Salesforce provides the platform to realize digital transformation in its entirety and a promising growth for your company with its exceptional data and technological expertise.