Industry Solutions that set you Apart

Our solutions help you innovate and stand out from your competition. Our expertise from working with some of the leading businesses worldwide help you tackle challenges quickly and build a more connected business with Salesforce.

Hospitality & Leisure

Our experts will help you to harness data, infuse artificial intelligence to recommend at-the-moment experiences, and create connected guest services to ensure complete satisfaction with the help of Salesforce.We also offer highly customized CRM solutions that enable clients to build lasting relationships with the customers.


We provide out-of-the-box solutions using Salesforce for managing relationships, fundraising, programs, reporting, and more. We help non-profits get rid of their legacy systems and manual processes, creating an efficient solution that scales with the growing needs of the organization.

Media & Entertainment

We provide end-to-end solution that automates the upstream processes of content acquisition, manages legally binding transactions with talent and networks, automatically generates and manages contracts, and makes benchmark information for downstream procedures in planning, programming and tasks.


Our experience falls profound inside the business, helping organizations convey complex statements, making client groups, incorporating different frameworks, and giving organizations a central location to deal with their business using Salesforce.


Our Salesforce platform is designed to save educators time and empower key stakeholders with secure connections to their data and to each other. We incorporate education and training strategies with the latest technology platforms to deliver a top-notch learning experience.


Dazeworks capitalizes its extensive domain and technology expertise using Salesforce to provide value-driven IT services to the telecom clients to accommodate their growing needs. We provide subscription management and detailed tracking of reseller activity for organizations.

Financial Services

Our innovation solutions enhance the operational effectiveness of the financial organizations and augment their scope to the planned clients. We also help you to create personal experiences that build customer trust and loyalty with Salesforce.

Real Estate & Construction

Our IT solutions are developed to enable real estate and construction companies to capitalize the power of cloud computing, mobile technology, Internet of Things, and wearable technology using Salesforce.


We provide self-service or partner quoting portals using Salesforce which is tailored to each of your channels’ needs. You can put your products in your customers’ hands—no matter where or when they are ready to buy.

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