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System Integration & Data Migration

Most organizations do not follow a one-technology-fits-all approach. There may be different systems that manage different functions within your company. For a holistic view of your customer, you need to ensure that all your customer data can travel seamlessly between these systems. With Dazeworks, you have access to the skills and experience of having worked with hundreds of Salesforce orgs. Depending on whether it’s your sales, marketing, finance or custom made application that needs to share data with Salesforce, our certified experts and strategists will help you choose the most scalable integration option. We understand that a new solution does not mean losing out on old data. Migration of your data from existing legacy systems into a new or existing Salesforce environment is a crucial step. Our team provides a painless and user-friendly way of cleansing, organizing and de-duplicating your data, making it more manageable and simplified.

salesforce data migration services

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Salesforce Admin & Developer Support Services
salesforce data migration services
Salesforce Admin & Developer Support Services

A Solution for Your Data Challenge

Our solution experts and architects work understand the challenges and needs of clients and choose the best possible approach, whether real-time or batch for their integration needs through a perfect blend of cloud and traditional technology platforms.

A 360° View of Your Business

The best Salesforce integration unveils the true value of business data to your organization. We enable you to deliver tangible benefits at every organizational level and decision-makers to see and leverage opportunities on a real-time basis, backed by all available data.

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