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Salesforce1 Mobile App Development

The Salesforce1 platform is Salesforce.com’s answer to the challenges that your company faces in today’s mobile-first world. The API-rich platform is a powerful, yet easy-to-use blend of Force.com, Heroku, and ExactTarget Fuel. Our consultants help you unlock the power of Salesforce1 to deliver innovative solutions to your employees, customers and partners. Through our development team, you gain the chance to manage your business from the palm of your hand by creating and implementing applications for your social enterprise. The integrated cloud architecture provided by the Salesforce1 platform lets you focus on building innovative solutions, rather than worrying over technology infrastructure. Our expertise enables you to also develop applications in your preferred language and framework and integrate them into Salesforce through the increasingly popular Canvas platform.

Salesforce1 Mobile App Development

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A Faster Way to Connect to your Business

Maximize the returns from your existing development team to customize Salesforce1 mobile apps and run your business from anywhere, anytime. We enable you to take advantage of the Salesforce1 platform capabilities and connect with your key company stakeholders with just a click, giving you that edge over your competition.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our clients have the freedom to decide and choose from a portfolio of engagement models. They can hire a dedicated Dazeworks resource to work their team, opt for a professional services package or even pick a custom-tailored engagement.

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