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Salesforce Admin & Developer Support Services

There’s no denying that SaaS has eased the process of system administration than when dealing with traditional software. However, this does not eliminate the role of a system administrator within your technical team. Timely support from experienced Salesforce administrators can enhance your user adoption rates and maximize your technology investments. Finding and investing in the right person for the job is a task that most companies dread. The major reason is the lack of a talented resource pool that you can draw from at your own pace. At Dazeworks, we have a proven team of certified developers equipped with the right set of analytical skills to respond to your administrative and customization tasks and can serve as an extension of your in-house team.

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Choose from the Best in the Field

Our developer is hand-picked to suit your requirements and practically eliminates the need for a full-time administration team in your company. This lets you off the hook on the steep learning curve and the costs associated with it as well.

Flexible Support Packages

The needs of each company vary based on their process workflows and our engagement models mirror this diversity among our clients. You can leverage the services of a dedicated resource from our team or opt for a pre-determined professional services package that supports your business requirements perfectly.

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