What We Do

Finding the right partner for your consulting and implementation goes beyond proposals, documentation and jargons. At Dazeworks, we choose to be more than contractors for your project – we are real-world consultants who understand your challenges, advise you on the best steps to tackle them and work towards achieving it with your team. Our engagement models with clients help leverage the best of our capabilities and experience to match consulting and implementation needs – without losing out on innovation and quality. Right from hiring a dedicated developer resource to providing expert architectural advice, we work hard at delivering the perfect customer experience for each and every client.

Meet over Coffee

A good cup of coffee can be a great conversation starter! Our expert team of consultants carries out its requirement gathering role to perfection. We understand that no two businesses are alike in their value propositions, vision and challenges. This can go a long way in understanding where you are now and where you would like to be.

Plan a Strategy

To us, the world can have just two kinds of people- those who use Salesforce and those who don’t. For existing Salesforce users, we can show you how to do it better and for those who don’t; we can show you just what you are missing. We create proof of concepts, set milestones and project parameters to achieve the desired goals.

Build a Solution

Our team of certified Salesforce Admins, Developers and UI experts work their magic in designing and developing a cloud solution that best matches your requirements. We work at delivering a tailor-made solution that brings together tried-and-tested results with innovative concepts and translate them into reality.

Implement the Solution

Our role does not end with drawing up a great solution, we make sure that this is translated into reality. Configurations are done down to the last detail and we carry out rigorous testing at our end before handing the solution over for user testing. A new solution does not mean letting go of your old data. Data migration of your existing data is done seamlessly and without impacting day-to-day business processes.

Supporting your Implementation

We believe in bringing customers back – for all the right reasons! Our support team of expert developers can work hand-in-hand with your team to resolve any administrative and development issues that can crop up in the long run. We provide development and admin support services to clients with existing Salesforce solutions that may need further levels of fine-tuning and maintenance as well.

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