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Salesforce LiveMessage – A Next Gen Messaging Service

Service Cloud,LiveMessage API,Messaging Service - posted by Pooja Prakash J

With Social media creating a lot of boom in the current generation as one of the exceptional resources in conveying information, people use various messaging and SMS apps to communicate with their friends. Chat apps such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Google Hangouts, and WhatsApp are quickly becoming the primary ways through which people interact. In response to that, Salesforce introduced LiveMessage last year, a messaging platform that empowers companies to engage with customers through the messaging apps they love, such as Facebook Messenger and SMS/MMS—all directly within the world’s #1 customer service platform, Salesforce Service Cloud. With LiveMessage, customer service agents can have access to Salesforce data, while also having conversations with multiple customers simultaneously.— which leads to a more informed conversation between both parties.

Salesforce LiveMessage also supports bots for simple interactions that do not require a live human. Salesforce even provides a LiveMessage API dubbed “Bring Your Own Bot (BYOB)” for companies to incorporate their own third party bots. Because Salesforce offers an open, API-first platform, companies can easily connect existing bots using the LiveMessage API for a BYOBot.

Salesforce LiveMessage can be personalized according to your business in different ways. Meredith Flynn-Ripley, VP of product messaging at Service Cloud. Says that this can be bots for simple rules-based approaches, or it could be a real-time conversation or a combination of both.

It allows your company to connect with your customers with ease and intelligence, helping  you create a more personalized and seamless experience. Investing in better technologies for customer service teams is an integral part of building industry-leading customer and worker experiences.

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