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How to link Health to Wealth using the Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud,Patient care,Helpdesk for Patients - posted by Soumini Vidyasagar

Healthcare has evolved into one of the major industries in the global economy today, keeping up with the latest trends in the market. With the growth in technology, healthcare consumers need a more direct connect with providers. Healthcare providers are in turn looking for ways to connect with their patients outside the traditional clinic visit. The leading CRM biggie, Salesforce has come up with a tailor-made product exclusively for the Healthcare industry called the Health Cloud. Let’s know more about how it works:

Patient-Centered Care
“The customer doesn’t care how much you know; until they know how much you care” – Healthcare industry is moving towards placing their customers at the center of care. Health Cloud helps physicians to provide personalized care to their patients, eventually boosting customer satisfaction. This is done by securely handling highly sensitive and confidential patient data, all in one place, leading to a more connected patient engagement experience.

360 Degree Customer View
The Health Cloud provides a Patient Profile which offers the physicians a complete view of the patient by obtaining information from Electronic Health Records (EHR), medical devices and wearables. Their progress can be tracked by using the Health Timeline feature and also by corresponding with the network of care coordinators using the Care Network feature.

Streamlined Operations
Patients no longer have the patience to book an appointment and wait for their turn to get treated. Even physicians don’t have the time to go through physical patient records. All these procedures have been streamlined by the Health Cloud. Now the patient can get in touch with their doctor virtually from anywhere,  and the doctors can go through the patient records and prescribe remedies anytime. A great example would be the customer success story from The Blue Shield of California who effectively streamlined their processes with Salesforce at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. Here’s how!

Faster Care
Prioritizing tasks is vital everywhere. The Today page of the Health Cloud is a to-do list for the providers to organize their tasks as per priority. They can make schedules, set reminders and even get in touch with their complete network of caregivers from anywhere, anytime and in no time!

Helpdesk for Patients
Through Salesforce Health Cloud, providers can offer an interactive platform to their patients for voicing their questions and concerns. The Care Plans feature helps physicians assign health goals to each of their patients and caregivers. This will make the patients stay on track and improve their health by following the assigned goals and medications mentioned in the Care Plans.

The Health Cloud smartly customizes various Salesforce products like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud and App Cloud, so that the healthcare industry can produce more smiling customers.

‘Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living’ – Albert Einstein

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