Salesforce aquires Mulesoft

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Salesforce aquires Mulesoft

Posted by Vrinda J Menon

Salesforce, the global pioneer in CRM, has completed its acquisition of MuleSoft, the provider of one of the world’s leading platforms for building application networks. With MuleSoft, Salesforce will accelerate customers’ digital transformations, enabling them to unlock data across legacy systems, cloud apps and devices to make smarter, faster decisions and create highly differentiated, connected experiences for their customers. Every organization is undergoing a digital transformation and integration has never been more strategic. Presently with MuleSoft, Salesforce will empower clients to connect all of the information throughout their enterprise across all public and private clouds and data sources – profoundly enhancing innovation.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and Salesforce Integration Cloud: Connect Every Experience

MuleSoft, the provider of the leading platform for building application networks, announced one major release of Anypoint Platform on September 25, 2018, bringing the power of the application network graph to every customer. With machine learning, real-time insights, and advanced security now embedded in MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, customers get unprecedented visibility into their application networks, accelerating the speed of change and innovation.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform will likewise be a part of the Salesforce Integration Cloud, which will enable all enterprises to surface their data, regardless of where it belongs. It is used to deliver intelligent, associated client encounters over all channels and touchpoints. Leading companies, including Coca-Cola, Barclays and Unilever, rely on MuleSoft to change and innovate faster, deliver differentiated client encounters and increase operational productivity.

Organizations of every size and industry need to change how they do business in the digital age to innovate faster, deliver differentiated customer experiences and increase operational effectiveness. MuleSoft will keep on working toward its vision for the application network with Anypoint Platform, associating any application, information source and device – regardless of whether it touches Salesforce or not. Anypoint Platform will likewise be accessible as a feature of the Salesforce Integration Cloud, which – alongside other complementary tools – will make it simple for clients to surface any information regardless of where it resides to deliver intelligent, associated client encounters over all channels and touchpoints.

Organizations Unlock New Levels of Insights from Application Network Graphs

The release of the Anypoint Platform enables clients to leverage insights from the application network graph, delivering the increased speed of development, actionable visibility and security by design. The application network graph is embedded in three major components of the platform – Anypoint Design Center, Anypoint Visualizer and Anypoint Monitoring.

Highlights of the Anypoint Platform October 2018 release include

Machine learning for data mapping: To naturally give data mapping suggestions, Anypoint Design Center’s flow designer applies machine learning to the mappings from the application network graph. Automapping proposals significantly quicken the speed of development for organizations, giving recommended changes and enabling clients to additionally tailor them to accommodate their association’s business forms.

Automatic holistic view of APIs and integrations: Anypoint Visualizer automatically builds an all-encompassing perspective of an association’s APIs and integrations using the knowledge from the application network graph.  Visualizer is additionally improved with information from Anypoint Monitoring, giving the capacity to investigate issues rapidly. By segmenting the view by average response time, errors and throughput, users can understand where issues may develop before they occur and pinpoint the main driver when they do emerge.

Extended suite of API management policies: As an application network expands, so does the number of users, traffic and access points, which can increase the vulnerability of the network. That is the reason it is essential to apply security at each layer, embedding security into API designs, tokenizing data at rest and in transit, and applying policies on individual APIs and at the edge. With this release, MuleSoft is bringing new API strategies into the application network graph that provide additional layers of security and control. These policies can be easily applied with clicks, not code, helping users increase their security posture to prevent breaches, such as DoS attacks.

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