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The Revolution with Marketing Cloud

Marketing cloud,Salesforce Marketing,Journey Builder - posted by Nitin Gupta

Marketing Cloud: is a marketing automation tool which has brought in a revolution to email marketing. It has channels and apps which help businesses to reach your customer 1 to 1, provide them options and help them find what is best for them. Marketing Cloud has an app for the customer journey called Journey Builder.

Journey Builder: helps you create a marketing strategy and guide your customers to complete their journey and have a better experience with your product. The best thing I love about Journey builder is Marketing Cloud Connect. Now how does this help? Well, Marketing Cloud Connect helps you bring in your data from Sales Cloud, Service Cloud etc. You can bring your standard as well as custom objects and best of all it works with lightning too. So what is new with Journey builder or what does Marketing Cloud have for you in Spring 18 release? I am glad you asked!

Journey Builder

With Spring 18, Marketing Cloud brought Journey Builder Templates which makes it easy for marketers to edit a predefined journey. Marketing Cloud has shared some cool templates as shown below. Let’s take a look at one of the templates (Welcome Journey) and see what it looks like.

Journey Builder

Below is the journey which shows the linear activities, starting with the entry source ‘Data Extension’. It consists of the audience you want to target. Second is send email activity to your targeted audience. In Journey, the first thing you would do is to send customers a welcome email and share your company’s product. This template will guide the marketer and provide them an example of successful 1 to 1 journey.

Journey Builder



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