Quip – One Stop App for Business Actions

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Quip – One Stop App for Business Actions

Posted by Aiswarya Hariharan

How exhausting is it to type or create a document, then to mail it to your boss(es) – get it reviewed by them – have a discussion about it in another chatting application and conclude the whole project elsewhere. A multinational company must have a versatile app that caters to its needs. It is always easier to conduct such compound actions from a single platform that is accessible from and by a number of sources engaged with it. That is exactly what quip provides you. It is a collaborative, productive software suitable for IoT devices that allows a cumulative, cohesive environment for its functions. It includes word documents, spreadsheet, in-built chat box and many other features. Let us familiarize each of them below.

Quip has four main features that ease your interconnected communication:

  1. Documents
  2. Slides
  3. Spreadsheet
  4. Live Apps

Quip is a consolidation of a document app, chatting and intimation app, all at one place that allows you to have discussions and real-time combined editing. The document is typed in or created by one member and can be shared with others. It helps in generating a collective action of all members involved in a document’s inspection and discusses it simultaneously. Also includes features like adding spreadsheets, tasks, live app and more in one living document along with live CRM data from Salesforce. The option of maintaining conversation amidst the text and pinning them to appropriate para is available. Quip allows you to @mention participants, mention inline comments and push notification in your device and also targeted feedback that facilitates real-time decision making. You can have a group chat as well as one to one messages.
The addition of spreadsheet feature enables you to insert the same in a document that brings exceptional clarity. This binds the context in its entirety and increases visibility. It also has this amazing property of adding information to the spreadsheet while offline, and it updates it when you are back online. Manage the whole project in one working document and share it with multiple people at different points of time. You can also attach timelines, due dates and reminders into the document.
Another interesting feature is slides that help you learn the contents with visual representations. You can insert video slides, graphs, tabular representations among other creative elements. Collaborative presentation in all the member’s presence constitutes a very effective meeting backed up by Salesforce’s Einstein to gauge the analytics. Quip also enables you to include critical apps like Box, Lucidchart, JIRA, Dropbox, etc. into the records. Conduct online discussions and get approvals and directions instantaneously, even eliminating the need for another meeting. Another benefit is that if anyone fails to participate, there is no problem of missing out on facts and figures as Quip stay updates as it goes.
Creation and integration of live apps in Quip add another dimension to this application. With its extensible API supported by Salesforce, it is capable of developing and holding personalised live apps as required within an operative document. Such attributes truly signalize the “liveliness” in the term “live app”.
Meeting and discussion are simplified to impossible extents with such innovations. It is a secure app that allows you to control who can access the project as documents or folders, albeit its simplicity and easy to use. You can access them from anywhere on the go. But don’t let such extensive features leave you wondering if its fitting within your budget. Quip pricing is moderate and affordable according to the nature of your organisation in optimal packages and options.
According to a Salesforce Overview of their customers, the reports show that there is;

  • 37% reduction in time to project completion
  • 38% reduction in team meetings
  • 43% reduction in the team email
  • 50% improvement in team communication
  • 46% overall improvement in team productivity

Quip is a multi-facet application that liberates your functions, without having to sprint between the same five applications. It eliminates unwanted duplication of data and consolidates various high utility communication and documentation apps into a single unified interface. It creates, edit, discuss, and organise your team’s work all in one place. In the corporate world, time is money, and the kind of time-saving that can be generated is immense. Quip is your one-way ticket to smoother functions and accelerated journey of your company.