Fullscreen Send Email for Salesforce Console

Most of us, at one point in time will have certainly felt that the Salesforce Console view is too restrictive in terms of the user interface. For instance, you are using the native Send Email and being within the console, the pages load within the same Chrome tab as sub tabs.

SFDC Case Notifier

Customers expect instant gratification and responses to their queries. Noting that, we wanted to ensure that you never miss a notification. And so, we bring to you, the Salesforce Case Notifier – a Chrome extension that can make your life easier.You can now get instant Desktop Notifications each time a customer raises a Case.

E2C Loop Protection App

The age old challenge of email loops faced by all support management systems exists in Salesforce too. It’s the Email to Case feature of Salesforce that has this hidden caveat! The new E2C Loop Protection app can now help customers solve the email loop

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