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Pledge One Percent – A Day at Countree Side Old Age Home

Pledge 1% - posted by Deepthi Dachavaram

“The present moment is the only moment available to us, and it is the door to all moments.”

As part of Pledge 1% initiative, the Dazeworks Bangalore team visited the Countree Side Old Age Home facility located at Whitefield, Bangalore on 20th December. Located next to the Seelauvanthakere lake with a beautiful view, the facility provides support to senior citizens.

This was the second time we visited Countree side old age home as they requested us to come again. This time we took three ladies for a walk in a wheelchair around the lake. All the three ladies are from different places and we asked them a question, to sum up, their life experiences. We were speechless by hearing all those sweet replies. At that moment, the little ups and downs in our life looked like a small wave in front of the ocean of their great wisdom. Then we took a few selfies and they asked us to come and spend more time with them whenever possible. We promised them we would and left the place.

A heartfelt thanks to Mrs.Chandrashekar, founder of the Countree side old age home for giving us this opportunity and for the amazing work that she does for the community.



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