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The MVP Ninja Series

We’d like to know more about the fun side of the MVPs! And from what we heard, so do a lot of people in the community. Welcome to the Proust for Salesforce experts.


Jenny Bamber

Salesforce MVP


Get certified & say hello to a great career ahead of you.

Q: How did your love for Salesforce start? Was it a conscious choice or did the whole universe just conspire and make it happen?

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My journey to using Salesforce started after I had graduated University where I studied History. I moved to a new city, applied for a Software Executive role (I had noooooo idea what that even meant?!), was hired by a crazy South African Oak which you may know as Shaun Holmes and started using Salesforce (as a user) for support case management for trainee commercial and military pilots. (There were some interesting conversations, I’ll tell you that!). After just under 2 years of using the platform I decided that I wanted to know more about the platform. So I quit, joined Desynit to become a Certified Salesforce Administrator and I’ve never looked back!


Q: What is your current role?

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I am a Salesforce Administrator – providing Admin support for my company and several other client orgs.


Q: What does being a Salesforce MVP mean to you?

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It’s amazing to be a part of a program that is based on individuals who just want to help others! It means that I have even more exciting opportunities to help others in the community, thanks to the perks that the MVP program provides – e.g. more speaking opps at key events.


Q: If not a Salesforce expert, what would you have become?

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Hmm. Probably some kind of job that involved working with children.


Q: Which blogs / channels do you follow to get your Salesforce elixir?

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Twitter is my thaang! I get to see Salesforce updates, discover new / the latest blog posts, follow and engage with the community and share my content.  If I had to have a particular fav blog – I’m really liking Jen Lee’s blog at the moment. She produces some great content and provides great, indepth solutions to issues you may come across when using the platform.


Q: What’s next in line for you after attaining the coveted MVP title?

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More exams, more certs! I’ve just booked in my Advanced Admin exam! Wish me luck 🙂


Q: What has been your most memorable Dreamforce experience till date? What are you looking forward to the most this #DF16?

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I’ve only been to one, but I would say Podcasting LIVE at DF15 – Woooah. That was kinda scary. FUN, but scary! Oh oh and finally meeting my fellow MVPs on that big ass boat!


Q: What's the one advice you have for other women in tech?

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Well it’s not my advice, but I think it’s a great quote that EVERYONE can relate to –

“It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.”


Q: What are ‘Jenny’s Tips’ to those stepping into Salesforce?

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  • Get online
  • Learn the IN’s and OUT’s of the Salesforce platform with Trailhead
    (No technical prerequisites necessary)
  • Get Certified
  • Say hello to a great career ahead of you.


Q: Other than Salesforce, what does your world look like?

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I’m really into fitness so when I am not sweating it out in the gym I see family and friends. I also love tucking myself away in a bookstore and reading a book. I just finished a short read – The Art of being Brilliant by Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker. I highly recommend it!


Q: What’s something about you that you think would surprise others?

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It’s quite odd, but I can speak Backslang, which is basically adding extra syllables to words so that it changes the sound of the word. Me and my sister drive our parents mad because they have NO idea what we are saying! Oh and MVP Simon Lawrence can speak it too!



A certified Salesforce Administrator at Desynit, Jenny shares her Salesforce knowledge with the community through her blogs. Her blog posts enjoy a huge following and have been a must-read for anyone looking to make a career as a Salesforce admin.


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Jenny Bamber

  • 2-time Salesforce MVP
  • Certified Salesforce Administrator at Desynit

ADM-201 Level Certification




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