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myTrailhead - posted by Aiswarya Hariharan

Customize and simplify your learning process to achieve faster goals.

Salesforce shines bright a different kind of light because of its variance in the approach of doing everything. Introducing trailhead in 2014 was a landmark invention that helped trailblazers to thrive through the 4th Industrial Revolution. But the pioneers in CRM & Cloud Computing Solutions, Salesforce didn’t stop there. Yet again in 2017, they introduced myTrailhead, to have a customized experience and have more fun learning for the trailblazers. The Salesforce online learning platform Trailhead has helped more than 1.2 million people skill up in such a fast-paced scenario. What myTrailhead does is, reinvents corporate learning and allows you to have a continuous learning experience without the weariness of keeping up with the learning process.

Trailhead, Salesforce’s gamified, online learning platform allows employees to have a comprehensive learning experience that works in levels, where they evolve periodically with its carefully drafted instruction structure. Researches show that 96% of employees say companies are responsible for preparing them for existing technologies they are exposed to. Yet just 7% of employees think their companies are completely prepared for technology’s impact on jobs. Furthermore, 70% of hiring managers believe workforce development programs will increase employee productivity. In such a situation, latent corporate methods of training have a lackluster effect on the employees. But with Trailhead, companies will be able to move from disparate learning tools—FAQs, slide decks and static manuals—to a single modern platform for all corporate learning. With myTrailhead, Salesforce is extending the Trailhead platform to enable companies to customize the learning environment with their own content and branding, from custom onboarding trails to company-specific enablement skills.

My own workmates gave me an insight into how amazing it was being a trailblazer, and explained how it helped them skill up. Trailhead reinvents learning by bifurcating it into modules, in a gamified manner, pocket-size information they can refer on the go or sit down and learn at the office. Its capsule format is really beneficial for systematic learning, covering modules in due intervals, then go on to completing challenges in the form of a quiz or a more practical approach with hands-on projects. As one progress, they earn badges and complete milestones they set for themselves. Trailhead free content library is always up for access, which can be coupled with custom content & resources from anywhere like videos or articles of the company’s proclivity. So how is myTrailhead different from Trailhead; as the name suggests, its the distinctiveness of “my”. It allows you to customize this learning platform according to the flair of your company. It helps in reinforcing your brand identity to the employees, that lets you create and publish your own custom learning methods that are unique to your business.

myTrailhead is actioned just by taking a few additional steps towards personalization. The Trailmaker tool enables companies to make such personalized content with respect to their brand for employees. In their trailhead profile, employees can have an overview of their progress and rewards to see how far they have reached. Trailmixer tool is probably the most significant part, cause it helps to create a collection of learning path that can even be shared. Not only does it pave a convenient and comprehensive path for one person, but they can also be referred by others. It consolidates all relevant onboarding materials, both within and outside of Trailhead, suitable for each Salesforce rep. You can also gauge your performance with trailtracker, enables managers to assign and track their learning. Trailchecker attributes asses the rep’s skill at the end of every challenge and rewards them with deserving badges – basically scoring their performance.

Just looking at this from a scant perceptive of education, it is very important for a student of any kind to get their basics rock solid, at the beginning itself. Things get a little too serious when you are actually practicing something and deploying these technologies. But with myTrailhead, these complex concepts are simplified, creating in-depth awareness about the subject – also quoted by my fellow trainee programmers. Its a refreshing new way of learning fitted for the “grown ups”, beating time and meeting minds. Try myTrailhead today for this amazing experience!



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