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My Journey from a Student to a Salesforce Trainee

- posted by Yashasbabu CM

It was the time when I started thinking about my future other than just being a bookworm and getting good marks in exams. I got to know from one of my well-wishers saying that, “Hey guys, listen, in Bengaluru if you throw a stone, it will hit a dog or an engineer”. I got pretty scared by his words and started reviewing every field which I can work on. Everyday my dream job used to change like a monkey sitting quietly on a branch of a tree, yeah you got it right!

In the mid of my 6th semester, there were many orientation programs where I got to meet great speakers who visited our college and addressed us about blooming technologies in IT.

After attending all those sessions, I was even more nervous about my career path and began wondering about where I will really be implementing all that I’ve learnt. It was then that I came upon my dream company – “S-A-L-E-S-F-O-R-C-E” I got to know it is world’s best innovative company in 2k17.

After a month or two passed, there was some sessions going on for all the faculties of different engineering colleges who gathered in our college. It was a faculty development programme taught by Mr. Kumara Murali. One of our lecturers told us to attend the sessions. As  it was already the 2nd day of training, me and some of my friends attended session and started working on Trailhead. It was tough during the initial days, but Mr.Kumara helped us a lot with his sessions. Soon we got adjusted to work on Trailhead.

When everything was going alright, we were hit with tight schedules for preparing projects and studying for our main exams. These hurdles didn’t stop me from doing Trailhead from past 3 months. I was drinking, eating and sleeping Trailhead! With lot of effort and sleepless nights, I got ranger rank with 113 badges and also completed 2 super badges keeping a pipeline to become double ranger by 2020. Till date, I don’t have any certifications. I’m preparing for admin certifications as of now.

I made my mind that if I get to work in any technology/field, I will only work on Salesforce ecosystem. Our college also supported us to work on this. We inaugurated a college student group, started using twitter and there was a huge support from Salesforce community, sorry “Salesforce Ohana”. Learnt something from ohana “If you give your 100% to Ohana, it will give back to you as 200%”. So we started encouraging our juniors and our batchmates to attend the sessions.

Me and my friends used to attend different meetups conducted in Bengaluru. We started searching for 3 months on every job site for Salesforce developer jobs. Everywhere it was the call for experienced Salesforce developer. I was pretty much frustrated because I couldn’t find any jobs for freshers, but never stopped learning on Trailhead.

Here comes my happiness! I got to know that some of my friends from Noida got placed at Dazeworks as Salesforce developer trainees. My curiosity grew like a Himalayan mountain. I followed Dazeworks on LinkedIn and twitter. I used to follow all the tweets done by Dazeworks and Shivanath(CEO) and gave a hit on like button.

Once I saw a post called hiring for freshers. Within no time I forwarded my resume and the response was so quick. I went through the series of interviews and one fine sunny day I got a call from Dazeworks team and got to know that I’m selected. That moment I went blank for some time and replied “Yes, thank you!”

The very next day I got up early in the morning travelled for around 3 hours and reached office at 10 a.m.

I was pretty excited by seeing the door “Salesforce ninjas inside!!”. I had a warm welcome by our HR Mahadevan and all the employees here are so supportive and encouraging.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank Dazeworks for providing me such a great opportunity to begin  my career as Salesforce developer trainee. My dream is to get all developer certifications.

This was my success story thanks to Trailhead, Salesforce ohana and to my hero through which I am able to tell my success story – thank you Dazeworks. Most of the organisations wants to hire experienced candidates but what about freshers like us. Dazeworks doing a great job by giving opportunity for freshers.

Cheers to DAZEWORKS !!!!!!



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