Meet a Former Dazeworks Intern – Suresh Rayi

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Meet a Former Dazeworks Intern – Suresh Rayi

Posted by Dazeworks

Name : Suresh Rayi

Current role : Salesforce Developer
Tenure with Dazeworks : 2+ years

Suresh joined us as a Salesforce trainee in December 2016. He has been a part of our success journey from then and moved to a full-time role here. In this conversation, he shares his thoughts on mentorship and his time at Dazeworks.

Q. When evaluating options for internship or training, what attracted you towards Dazeworks?
I have always wanted to work on cloud technologies and had heard about Salesforce. The platform had a lot of innovation associated with it and also promised great career opportunities. I got to know from one of my friends about Dazeworks, applied for a role here and got selected. The Dazeworks team has a lot of experts on the platform including MVPs and their expertise is definitely something that I wanted to learn from. Also, Dazeworks is a niche provider of Salesforce consulting and this is the only technology being worked on here. This was what I liked the most since I was interested in learning more about the platform.
Q. What were you looking forward to most by joining Dazeworks?
Since I was just starting my career here, my goals were very simple. I wanted to learn by working with the best of Salesforce.
Q. How was the experience and relationship of working with your mentor?
My mentor was excellent. He has got so much knowledge in Salesforce which helped me learn from him. He is a great guy and our relationship remains good to the present time.
Q. What role did the Salesforce community play in mentoring you?
The Salesforce community has played a very important role. It has helped me clear any lingering doubts about the way forward – be it in my career or with the platform. The community has helped us learn from our mistakes. The regular developer and user group meetups organised by the Salesforce community are a great way to know about new releases and to meet new people. They have taught me how to communicate with new people and how to carry myself in the crowd.
Q. How was the experience of working with the Dazeworks team on projects?
Right from the day I joined Daazeworks, I have been training on Salesforce. My training ended after 3 months. From then, I started on smaller development and configuration tasks assigned by my mentor. This helped me learn what has to be done within the given time and how to manage the multiple tasks and work pressure. Later I was put on to a project with another team. Even there, my team lead was very helpful in giving me detailed client requirements. He also gave me suggestions me on the best solutions.It was great working and learning. Very soon I was ready to move on to a client-facing role on the team.
Q. What was the biggest surprise about interning here?
My most memorable time and a warm surprise was the trip to Munnar on Dazeworks’ second anniversary. It was a lot of fun and helped us meet the team from other locations too.
Q. What tipped the scale towards joining Dazeworks after you completed your internship/training?
The work culture and friendly behavior of my colleagues and the expertise in Salesforce among the Dazeworks helped me make the choice.
Q. How do you stay updated on Salesforce news and trends? How do you give back to the community as a member of the Salesforce Ohana?
I attend meetups and follow some community sites. I also get updates from the experienced members on the Dazeworks team.
Q. You are now mentoring trainees of your own. How has your own experience as a mentee helped you in transitioning to this role?
Mentoring trainees on my own is great, it has helped me to learn things which I missed out previously. Mentoring gives me a chance to brush up on it. Since I have to teach and clear their doubts, I am learning along with them. Mentoring others has helped me to increase my confidence on my Salesforce knowledge to a great extent.
Q. What is the most rewarding part about mentoring and mentorship as a whole?
I am learning along with them and this helps improve leadership qualities.
Q. Has your idea about your dream job evolved over the years? If yes, how?
Yes, I got my dream job where I can use my expertise and knowledge to get tasks done. I am always learning new things and developing myself.