Meet a Former Dazeworks Intern – Shruti Sridharan

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Meet a Former Dazeworks Intern – Shruti Sridharan

Posted by Aditya Pavan Vempati

Name : Shruti Sridharan

Current role : Salesforce Developer
Tenure with Dazeworks : 3+ years


Shruti joined us as a Salesforce trainee in July 2015. She is been with us from almost the beginning of our journey putting in all her hard work and dedication. In her conversation, she has shared her thoughts about how her dream was turned into reality.

Q. You were one of the first to join the Dazeworks team and we are glad that you took that decision. When evaluating options for internship or training, what attracted you towards Dazeworks?
When I graduated, all the hype in the information technology sector was about mobile application development and cloud. I made up my mind to join startups that focuses on either or both of these platforms. This is when I came across the job posting at Dazeworks. The company was looking for freshers who aspire to work on a cloud based platform called Salesforce. So I decided to give it a try.
Q. What were you looking forward to most upon joining Dazeworks?
A career in computers was always my passion since my childhood. My sole motive was to fulfill this passion by joining a startup and then nurture myself. Problem solving has always been my interest and so I was looking for an organization where I could challenge myself with exciting problems. At the same time I also wanted to ensure that I would be working on cutting edge technologies and platform.
Q. How was the experience and relationship of working with your mentor?
During the first 5 months I was assigned to work under Vetriselvan Manoharan. During this tenure, I focused a lot on improving my Salesforce skills through Trailhead. Trailhead was indeed my teacher since I was not actively working on any live projects at that time. Thereafter, I got an opportunity to be trained under Deepak Anand. This was indeed the best thing that happened to me at Dazeworks. I was also able to work on a couple of live projects under Deepak. This is when I was able to take my Salesforce skills to the next level. Some of the qualities that I inculcated during this tenure was to write good code, being a good professional, building quality products and building the self-confidence to be independent. And I am fortunate to continue my learning process and be inspired from him even today.
Q. What role did the Salesforce community play in mentoring you?
The Salesforce ecosystem or the Ohana taught me how important it is to share and care at the same time as you progress in your career.
Q. How was the experience of working with the Dazeworks team on projects?
After working with Deepak, I was fortunate enough to be a part of few AppExchange Products. These projects gave me a real world experience and helped me to boost my development skills.
Q. What was the biggest surprise about interning here?
The biggest surprise was definitely getting to know this amazing platform called Salesforce.
Q. What tipped the scale towards joining Dazeworks after you completed your internship/training?
After getting the opportunity to be trained by Deepak and having the chance to work on projects with him, there was no looking back or a second thought even though there were financial challenges in the beginning.
Q. How do you stay updated on Salesforce trends? How do you give back to the community as a member of the Salesforce Ohana?
In my quest to learn more, I read tons of blogs. My next stride after getting a hold of the platform was to explore opportunities to share the little I knew and that I learned. I also contributed towards multiple webinars on various platforms.
Q. What advice do you have for students evaluating organizations for internship roles?
Every student’s dream would be to secure a position in an MNC. I curbed my urge to bag a job in an MNC and made up my mind to be a part of a startup. This gave me an opportunity to face and solve challenging problems and to become independent. Irrespective of where you join, work hard, follow your heart and passion and make sure you are driving your career to attain the goals of your life.
Q. Has your idea about your dream job evolved over the years? If yes, how?
Yes. I was fortunate enough to learn a lot over my past few years and still working hard to achieve my dream job.