Is Kochi the Right Move for me?

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Is Kochi the Right Move for me?

Posted by Aiswarya Hariharan

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” Barack Obama.
It always seems scary, even the thought of it, of being on your own and starting your career – until we actually accomplish it. I myself was overwhelmed of where this journey is taking me, but all it took was belief and perseverance. But then again, where to place yourself can be a very tricky question, since this contributes to shaping your future. I will make your work a little easier by giving you some good reasons for why you should choose the ever so beautiful Kochi as your city of placement.
Dazeworks, a team of expert Salesforce consultants, has our headquarters and largest office space situated in the picturesque vicinity of Kakkanad Infopark. Personally, it is one of the most convenient and happening cities for anyone to start their career. As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, the office space speaks for itself. It is an embodiment of Salesforce and its vibe in all ways. It’s fun yet diligent, quirky yet zealous. It is a big, loving Ohana and one you’ll have a hard time leaving!

Neighborhood and Transit
I can go on and on about Dazeworks, but just for some perspective, I conversed with my fellow colleagues to understand their thoughts and this is what I got. Starting off with the location, Dazeworks Kochi is situated in the technological nucleus of Kochi Infopark which is a beautiful blend of cutting edge architecture and IT parks surrounded by luscious greenery and waterways. Probably one of the most scenic and less polluted areas exclusively dedicated to industrial and IT organizations. Beyond beauty, it offers very efficient facilities, like transportation options from the public to private to even sharing cabs. Another great peculiarity is the “Quick Ride App ”, that allows you to carpool with other individuals who work within the vicinity. And for anyone who migrates, an affordable residence is available in the neighborhood itself.
Company Culture
Hometown of its CEO, Dazeworks Kochi will definitely boost your morale with his frequent presence and will always be around the corner to motivate and monitor you. One of the most common things I heard from my colleagues is how friendly the superiors and the team heads are, and I couldn’t agree more. Beginners tend to be headless chickens, but are rightly guided by their team leaders. One of my friends specifically expressed that she was so ambiguous about her work profile but was patiently mentored by her superior. After every session or discussion, you are made more clear of your scope of work, improving your knowledge, clearing off any room for doubts and pushing you to be a very promising professional. Dazeworks also give you soft skill training, molding you to be an apt representative of Salesforce as well as Dazeworks.

Office vibes
Being a part of Dazeworks Kochi is like being part of a family with people from different part of a spectrum. What’s most exciting is the oneness of the entire team despite their different ethnicity or native or even the different languages spoken. Speaking to my mates, a very common response was how supportive everyone was to each other. No matter how much amenities you are provided with, lack of organizational unity can always be a nemesis to your growth. However, speaking of amenities, Dazeworks Kochi, provides you with a very vibrant and spacious office to work, coupled with many other really cool facilities. Just the work-space, is so welcoming, with a clean white, undivided glass desk, reassuring that you are not isolated while you work. The office corner is filled with refreshments, beverages and snacks, cause our Boss knows how prolific a filled tummy can be. I mean you know how frustrated one can get with a hungry stomach. And if you want to blow off some steam between work, there are various activities arranged for you – a shelf full of good reads, board games and even computer games. To make work even more fun, fun Fridays are organized, with fun games and activities, and rewards for the best performers.

Kochi is like the perfect mix of a fast-paced, hustling urban city on one side and a serene, stress-free and calming rural space on the other. It’s the best of both worlds. Dazeworks Kochi is a fantastic organization where you can shape your future and propel to greatness. With the right guidance and facilities, you can learn, understand and transform into the best version of yourself. Not just in terms of your profession but as a person! So if you are looking for job prospects, make sure Kochi is at the top of that list!
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