Engagement Models

At Dazeworks, our approach is to rely on customizations in those areas that cannot be met by out-of-the-box functionality. Our business-centric methodology focuses first on meeting business needs, and then applying a technology solution. This delivery approach has led to success for all of our customer engagements.We provide the flexibility that best serves the unique business requirements of our customers. Our clients have the option to select one of the following engagement models or combine one or more available models for different project phases.

Dedicated Team Model

Dazeworks provides clients a strategic partnership option of offering a expert talent pool of Salesforce resources. Our dedicated team model serve as a seamless extension of our customer’s business processes. It can be integrated with their existing system to completely support development, implementation or administration. The dedicated team is focused on the customer’s line of business. Being scalable it ensures swift responses to changing resource requirements. Our transparent project management and dynamic communication processes give clients full control over the offshore team committed to the project. This way, our customers can enjoy all the benefits of offshore outsourcing, including cost-effective resources, flexibility and time-to-market comforts.

Fixed Price Model

Through the fixed price model, we can appraise the project scope and complexity for projects with well-defined requirements and schedules. We can likewise give a project conveyance schedule for the end-to-end product development. Quality conveyance of the final product is within a predetermined time span.Enabling the client to decide the project budget in advance is the primary advantage of this engagement model. Any change demands or new component demands during the project will result in a redesign of the delivery schedule and payment terms.

Time & Materials Model

If requirements can change dynamically during the project implementation process, the Time & Materials model is a preferred engagement choice. It offers the flexibility of modulating the workloads of the team assigned to the project, at the same time optimizing time and costs. Through our expert resources, the development effort is billed at the end of every month. This model allows high levels of adaptability for unplanned change requests and scaling of project resources.

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