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Ease of Business with Integration Cloud

integration cloud - posted by Aiswarya Hariharan

It is often hard to keep track of business affairs when they are scattered over different applications. Imagine having access to all such data in one place, which helps you control multiple functions from a single web interface. This is made possible with Salesforce that provides an integrated cloud by connecting data, devices and customers of a company.


Integration Cloud mainly has three components – Integration Platform, Integration Builder and Integration Experience.

Integration Platform involves connectivity of items within, as well as systems outside of the cloud provider to create an application network. The Integration Platform functions primarily with connectivity as its foundation, by collecting data and incorporating this segregated information into a unified interface. Advancing to the next component, which is API – thorough maintenance and regulation of the API life cycle in every stage is vital for proper management and programming. Finally, it is required to identify all derivative services flowing through the application network that are necessary to build such cloud solutions.

The Integration Builder provides a base for development by aligning prerequisite systems. It then creates a common customer model whereby different data, applications, cloud; etc, with respect to a particular client, is assimilated. This is secured with prescribed global rules and policy management, which regulate who can access what data.

The Integration Experience depicts the happenings in these cloud solutions and how it is achieved. Firstly, there exists a multi-cloud which is the combination of different cloud services needed for a particular client to maintain and retain their customer relations. Secondly, understanding the industry or category to which the customer belongs and using appropriate inputs that optimizes its objectives – different industries need different formulas and applications. And finally, the most important part of cloud integration – Partners & SI. Salesforce offers collaborations to provide the skill that a company lacks and supports it to connect faster, better and triggers its growth.


Mulesoft acting as a trestle, supported by its Anypoint Platform collects and consolidates data, connects devices to make them plug-able and reusable to build application network design for different services. It allows a test run even before actually building such an interface and validates it. Subsequently, the application is built, edited, tested and run through the debugger. It easily connects to data source databases, ERPs and SAP, mobile applications, IoT devices etc to compose integrated flow with a pre-built connector. It visually maps each component with real-time integration for achieving a comprehensive overview by safely managing the APIs. The run time engines coalesce all the real-time applications and synchronize to deploy integration in real-time or scheduled routines as per need. It operates on private, public or a combined hybrid cloud.
The integration activities ensure a single manageable web interface which gives a complete overview of all the activities under this umbrella. It enables the client to control the end users, regulate the traffic and oversee the services and enterprise in its entirety. All these activities are tested and monitored under the highest prescribed standards of safety such as FedRamp, FIPS, ISO etc.


Many companies have different applications for different functions. But wouldn’t it be nice to work without having to juggle between applications and system?

Dazeworks, being a Silver Consulting Partner of Salesforce, among many other, provides assistance and services to actualize the cloud integration. Partnering with World’s #1 CRM platform, Dazeworks has access to copious customer data and with its lightning-fast connectivity, the integration process is completed expeditiously. It collects, cleanses and de-duplicates data, to organise them into an actionable resource. With the platform and scalable integration options provided by Salesforce, Dazeworks helps you in the migration of information and data within the system and its configuration. Our solution experts at Dazeworks choose the most optimal method for migration of data from a device to cloud with the help of faster ETL techniques along with other data provided by our partners. One can truly unearth the ease of conducting business with the commingling of disparate application to have a holistic grip over the entire operations. Program developers and architects of Salesforce help in integration of such cutting edge technology with the traditional and existing materials provided by the company. The client is facilitated to have a complete overview of the entire operations to identify opportunities quickly and render even quicker results from the same. So waste no time, integrate your operations and upgrade your company!


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