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So you think you can take a Salesforce Certification – Dazeworks Cert Drive

Salesforce Certification,Dazeworks Cert Drive - posted by Soumya Manikkath

How important is a Salesforce certification, really? The boilerplate answer to that question is the same as that of any other technical certification. Companies with certified professionals offer proven and tangible expertise to client projects. At an individual level, getting Salesforce certified is also an immense shot in the arm to one’s career and to your organization’s growth. More importantly, it is also enough of a hurdle to be a fair indication of the seriousness of a developer/admin/consultant. At Dazeworks, we encourage our team to constantly amp up their certification efforts – so long as it’s done with a noble intent of advancing knowledge.

We recently rolled out a certification blitzkrieg as part of this initiative. We knew many of our ninjas were working hard to take their certifications soon. Our not-so-secret intention of the drive was to also nudge those who had been on the fence about taking their first step towards it. Once the drive was announced, participants had a week to complete the certification. To top it off, our CEO gave out a surprise gift voucher to all the early birds. They took home a fun experience ticket to Wonderla – the state-of-the-art amusement park in Kochi!  A huge shoutout to our ninjas who jumped at the opportunity and took on the challenge with a smile!

Who won a trip to Wonderla finally?


Snehil Jaiswal
Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certified

Avi Rai
Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certified

Esha Garg
Salesforce Platform App Builder Certified

Arun Kumar
Salesforce Admin

Madhur Dixit
Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certified

Shivam Kumar
Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certified

So why did we do the drive?

Our focus while announcing the drive was five-fold.

  1. Enabling the team to understand the holistic impact of the Salesforce platform and not merely ‘crack’ the test.
  2. Knowledge is honed best when it is shared. We wanted to provide opportunities for peer-to-peer learning and guidance.
  3. Build Salesforce Study Circles within the team where our ninjas can seek help.
  4. Inculcate the culture of utilizing the immense power of Trailhead to lead the certification aspirants in the right direction.
  5. Set the right foundation for our ninjas as they move forward in their career and learning roadmap.

 What our ninjas say?

We love sharing our team’s success stories and this drive is no different. Here are excerpts from a fireside chat with the drive participants on their certification experience.

Q) How did your certification journey start?

Avi Rai: My certification journey started with a certification voucher from the Jaipur Dev Fest community event in July 2018. At that time, I was in a dilemma on which certification to do first. After a number of discussions with many in the community, I decided to try my hand at the Admin Certification. I proved that I was worthy of the certification voucher by becoming certified in October. This journey continued with another voucher win at India Dreamin 2018. I am deeply thankful to the India Dreamin team and Amanda Bauman (Senior Manager, Student Programs at for all the support. Through this, I recently earned one more certification i.e. Platform Developer 1.

Snehil Jaiswal: I have been planning to give my first certification for a while now. As a developer, PD1 was a great choice to start my certification journey. I had great support from my friends and the hunger for the first certification motivated me to grab it.

Arun Kumar: I got the certification voucher from India Dreamin 18 for completing 5 superbadges in 7 days. Then, I got selected in Dazeworks in January for my first job. Here I learned many new things that gave me confidence to take the exam.

Madhur Dixit: From my college days I started my Salesforce journey and from the very first day I wanted to be Salesforce certified. The moment when I completed my PD1 Trailmix from Trailhead, it was a green signal for me to go for my examination.

Shivam Kumar: My journey began when I joined Dazeworks and saw that if you know and love something, you should become an expert in that domain just as the “THE BEST MINDS IN SALESFORCE”.

Esha Garg: My Salesforce certification journey started with Dazeworks ! This family helped in uplifting my capabilities and my ambition.

Q) What resources helped you prepare for your certification? What tips would you share for future aspirants based on your certification experience?

Avi Rai: What helped me was taking some real time experience before writing the exam, asking for tips from already certified people and most importantly making “Trailhead’ your best friend. The most important and useful source for my certifications was Trailhead. I went through Trailmix, Superbadges on Trailhead, blogs, exam practice site. Besides this, there are many courses on Udemy for certification preparation.

  • Trailmix for Administrator – Prepare for Your Salesforce Administrator Credential
  • Trailmix for Developer – Prepare for Your Salesforce Platform Developer I Credential

Snehil Jaiswal: Trailhead Trailmix for PD1 certification and my experience as a Salesforce Developer helped me. From my experience on projects, many scenarios in the exam were similar to those that I faced during the past two years of working. Also, there are many blogs which always come in handy like: SFDC Monkey, SFDC99 and many more.

Arun Kumar: My go-to resources were blogs, admin guides and online mock tests. My recommendation for fellow aspirants would be to prepare from the admin guide and blogs. Also, mock test can help in understanding various scenarios.

 Madhur Dixit: My reference guides were mostly Trailmixes from Trailhead and of course some awesome blogs like SFDC99, Automation Champion and Salesforce Ben. All these blogs have pretty awesome content for exam preparation. All you need to do is give time and earn more.

Shivam Kumar: I follow Trailhead and the trails for PD1 Certification and also Pluralsight for practicing sample questions. Do practice for hands-on Trailhead, learn the concept clearly and work hard without overthinking about the results.

Esha: Trailmix and the Twitterverse – @aviralagarwal2 @nida_sfdc @narulasurbhi @vinay_sfdc @avirai @dazeworks @iamshreysharma @dazeworks @trailhead. I always tell myself to prepare well and just believe in yourself, nothing or nobody can beat your confidence.

Q) What does your future preparation roadmap look like? What additional efforts will you be taking to crack advanced certs?

Avi Rai: Next, I will be going for consultant certifications. I plan to work on multiple real time scenarios, will get help from Trailhead, blogs and will definitely take tips from experts

Snehil Jaiswal: The next certification I am looking forward to is PD2. I am planning to start with Trailhead and will cover some Superbadges to gain good knowledge and experience.

Arun Kumar: I will go for the PD1 certificate, and will try to code the scenarios.

Madhur Dixit: For the future, I am looking to get started on my CTA journey. Platform App Builder certification will be my next target.

Shivam Kumar: Journey to CTA, Learn as much as I can from all the seniors and practice as much as I can.

Esha Garg: Salesforce Administrator certification is my next target followed by Platform Developer 1 towards my #journeytoCTA !

At Dazeworks, we aim to support our team’s aspirations by continuing to provide real-world exposure to complex projects led by seasoned experts. We firmly believe that this is equally, if not MORE important than just theoretical knowledge.

 Happy learning everyone!



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