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Customer Success Journey With Salesforce and AI Technology

- posted by Aiswarya Hariharan

I still remember the first time I got a cell phone for myself. Obviously, it was way after the trend, by then Facebook was extensively popularised and used. If that sounds like an old thing, look back to the time when AI was the most talked phenomenon and people losing their minds over it. Now its the time of AI being actualized in many fields of business, technology and other domains including an extremely heightened extent of convenience.

We are now at the age of AI responding to every other command of ours in the manifestation of Alexa, Siri or Cortana among many others. They take our commands and get things done for us. Just when you think it cannot advance any further, with all the albeit existent yet unacquirable robotics and AI booming, we are now elevating to a time where these technologies are being intertwined into our daily lives. If you are to introspect the term marketing, in its most simplistic sense, it means understanding what a customer needs and delivering the same to them. Incorporating AI into this by reaching to customers with it, conducting marketing and interactions have actually been initialized in many parts of the world. To mention a few, In Australia, brands like Domino’s have launched an in-app AI virtual assistant that interacts with you verbally. Campbell Soup Company has built a voice app that suggests you what to make for dinner!

Creating and maintaining a relationship with the customer is very important in marketing. Perception, and by perception meaning the ability of the customer to perceive and accept products, is an integral part of maintaining customer relationships. The product image must be established and customer must notice and remember the product. A Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides far-out methods for client retention and commerce along with multifold technologies backed up by Einstein. A connected company can completely engage a customer at all levels of commerce to create a wonderful and comforting customer success journey.

A very effecting way to tap customers is by making them feel extremely valued. But as a marketer there is an extent to which you can give such extensive attention to them. This is where the next generation of marketing arise, here you incorporate everyone in your business into the marketing operations, only to create a much-personalized experience for the customer beyond the confinements of “customer service”. Evidently, this is more achievable over IoT devices, and salesforce gives you the platform for such continuous customer engagement with features like support tasks and automated customer surveys etc. For a practical representation, you can consider a home buyer journey – it helps in all levels like loan approvals, credit checks, realtor services, payments reminders, until the house warming. It’s a complete and all-pervasive client engagement for all kinds of products and services you have to offer.

How Einstein Technology will help in business augmentation is in umpteen ways. It connects the devices of anonymous web visitors on the basis of what they search for in their device, correlate and convert them into prospective customers. Using email or website viewing, it identifies consumer behaviour and lets you have an insight about why a customer click or purchase a certain product. Now you can predict their area of interest and suggest various packages, personalized messages or arrivals and intimations; send recommendations about the next best products, offers or any sale. Using Einstein Image Classification technology, you can recognize your product through logos, objects, food, scene or any of its characters and see where they are being used or published. It gives you insight regarding your brand, even without the name being mentioned. It allows you to analyse billions of touch-points across the consumer journey to optimize their purchase pattern including insights about which channels, messages or event perform best for them.

Be a trailblazer in introducing changes that will help you in all stages of a customer success story from an introduction, invite, capture, endorse to retention along with the trusted services of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


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