Dazeworks transforms your operating and business models to meet the demands of the digital world and support your omnichannel strategies. The priority investment activities will be to create seamless workflows and business processes that integrate data from various touch points across existing traditional channels and multimodal options within the digital channels. Through our extensive domain and technology expertise using Salesforce, we provide value-driven IT services to telecom clients to accommodate your growing needs. We provide subscription management and detailed tracking of reseller activity for organizations.

How does Salesforce make way for communication?
Salesforce for Communications gives clients, reps, specialists, and retailers clear, quick, simple access to all the data they require. This way, clients appreciate a more strong, customized involvement with each progression. You can move marketing to the next level with the help of campaign results through Salesforce. Sales can find leads in social channels and engage with customers in new ways. You can also create innovative, online, mobile, in-store experiences on the Salesforce platform.
How do we help the Communication Service Providers?

We help communication service providers to deliver a fully personalized and effortless customer experience on every channel through Salesforce.

When your customers click on an offer, prospects get a fully personalized landing page that is formatted
for any device.

They can easily configure products and complete orders on their own. Otherwise they can instantly connect with the contact center for assistance and for continuing their transaction.

Contact center gives instant access to the prospect’s promotional offers, shopping carts and browsing history. They can easily recommend targeted products and services.

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