CRM Solution For Hospitality and Travel

Dazeworks recognized the business and innovation bottlenecks in Travel and Hospitality industry and utilized Salesforce innovation platform to determine it. Thereby helping associations to take out their development obstructions and improve their business forms. Dazeworks offers Salesforce cloud based CRM solution to organizations in Travel industry by providing them with holistic view of their business. We analyze your current processes and recommends its optimization. Dazeworks does implementation and enhancement of your internal workflows, integrating various entities from other systems to gather real time information like flight details, hotel accommodation, documents, financial detail, etc. from your native systems into a single system called Salesforce.

How do we help the Hospitality and Travel Service Providers?
The solution by Salesforce elevates the entire travel experience by letting you deliver customized messages that inspire trips, provide relevant recommendations based on location and preferences, and deliver engaging content to the travel community through a world-class app. With Salesforce for travel and hospitality, businesses make each progression of their visitor's voyage a frictionless experience. This helps you find how Salesforce can enable you to tackle information to customize travel alternatives, infuse artificial intelligence to prescribe right now encounters, and make associated visitor services to guarantee complete fulfillment.
How do we help the Communication Service Providers?

We provide a comprehensive view of the business which helps organizations generate new business opportunities and have effective communication and enhance process efficiency.

We can provide Salesforce Chatter which is a social network tool. It can help new customer service operators to ask questions and other operators can share their knowledge and experiences, even though they are located in different locations.

Develop and integrate internet booking systems, website, web portals, agent booking portals and other web based solutions which can be integrated with internal agent tools and solutions

Makes customized guest encounters at each
touchpoint and connects them to the right
offer at the right time.

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