CRM Solution For Education

Dazeworks helps in unifying data across your organization and direct your activities towards more effective programs and services. Our solutions are tailored to your programs and services, and they leverage our best practice frameworks, such as our Solution Accelerators. These accelerators represent common education data management needs in Salesforce including: tracking attendance, enrollment, four-year plans, college lists, report card data, and more. You get a proven solution, a better user experience, and a more cost-effective implementation. Your staff benefit from fast, easy access to data insights, in the office or remotely. From recruitment, admission over enrollment and all the way to customer retention, you’ll be able to collect all information and actions for its whole life cycle – for every single contact – in one single place.

How does Salesforce make way for Education?
CRM technology allows you to manage relationships with your constituents (including students, alumni, staff, parents, employers, and more) and track data related to all of your interactions with those constituents. It also helps teams collaborate, both internally and externally, gather insights from social media, track important metrics, and communicate via email, phone, social, and other channels. A CRM app like Salesforce allows a Higer Ed institution to have visibility into every aspect of its relationship with a student – from financial aid information to courses and grade data. And as opposed to this information being locked away in various systems scattered across campus - it’s all in one place. So at any point in time, staff and faculty have a holistic snapshot of a student’s standing with the school - and can use that information to engage in personalized and powerful ways.
How do we help the Education Service Providers?

Regardless of whether your system struggles with tracking and maintaining data, reaching out to students or allowing for collaboration, we can customize a solution for you.

Many educational institutions find themselves using a variety of tools and software to track student, alumni and staff data. We can help by integrating systems to make Salesforce the single source of truth in an organization.

We share the best practices on how to establish and monitor goals such as retention, admissions, and staff activity.

With the help of Salesforce, you can stay in touch with students, send offers and updates, or provide a self-service portal.

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