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Connected Education with Salesforce Education Cloud

Salesforce Education Cloud - posted by Aiswarya Hariharan

Salesforce has widened its avenues to touch every possible sector out there, propelling them to achieve more by simplifying operation and connecting them.
Educational sector is transforming rapidly from blackboards to projectors and notebooks to laptops, and we need technology not just for teaching, but for tracking as well. And for students, education is like a maze – you want to come out successful, but the path is many a time confusing, misleading or difficult. Salesforce leads you like a hare into the hole of opportunities, pushing you into a world where you belong. It connects your institution with companies who are looking for bright young minds. However, Salesforce Education Cloud is much more eclectic than that.

Salesforce Education Cloud aids institutions to conduct a smooth and comprehensive operation and also help students by simplifying school activities for them. It functions at various levels from admission and enrollment, student monitoring, school communication and parent engagement, student success and intervention management, fundraising and grants et al. Education Cloud inter-connects students, teachers, and for higher education – fundraisers, investors, recruiters and various other organizations. It creates a personalized page for each student by which teachers can constantly monitor and analyze their performance and improvements. The principal of the school gets a holistic overview of the entire activities and performance of school and students, teacher reviews and student opinions, which makes it easier for parent intimation and intervention management.

Salesforce provides multifarious products in Ed Cloud simplifying mammoth tasks and making opportunities available in your fingertips. The Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) is a program by which Salesforce identifies partners in Higher Education and connect students with and within the institution. Student information is collected and consolidated, recorded and updated regularly in Sales Cloud. This helps in keeping track of how the student is improving. Salesforce community-driven data architecture is built to get a 360-degree student view. This is then made accessible in a personalized, multi-channel communication alternative making any campus much more connected. The Advisory Link shows the path to students from academics to personal challenges to career goals. An overall holistic view of student activity and history enables the advisory to guide students appropriately on career, academic and financial aspects. Salesforce connects students with business and community organizations which helps them procure scholarships, educational capitalization and prospective future job with career advice and alumni engagement. With Pardot, Salesforce simplifies marketing solutions by channeling students who have signed up for the same. Students are identified, automatically or manually monitored and evaluated, their performance analyzed and indicated as to where they lie in the recruitment cycle. They also help in organizing recruitment geographically, demographically or skill-wise. Marketing Cloud provides base for such operations by combining traditional digital channels like email, mobile, social, and the web to launch multi-channel campaigns and engage social media across marketing, recruiting, advancement, and student services.

In 2017, a program called Dallas County Promise initiated by Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) built by Salesforce education cloud enabled non-traditional students and first generation students taking free coaching and tuition from district’s seven colleges. K-12 schools, businesses, community organizations, and universities all became part of the Promise platform. Students who have signed up get personalized updates through Marketing Cloud. It creates and updates student credentials which the institutions and employers can immediately verify. This platform allows students to see all of their credentials in one place.

At the University of Florida’s MBA program, information overload was a serious concern. Important updates were posted on the MBA website, the university portal, an LMS homepage which the students found hard to keep up with. The school also sent communications from disparate channels including multiple email listservs, messages in the LMS, and social media posts. The University turned to Salesforce and accrued a solution by piloting a community with the program’s Global Immersion Experience (GIE) by channeling centralized communications. Instead of searching for information on different websites or sifting through emails, admitted students now log into a community to find everything they need. Many K-12 school and other higher education institutions benefit from Education Cloud for Higher Ed.

Salesforce provides advisory services for customers with its experience in engaging with nonprofit or education industry coupled with expertise in Salesforce platform and Marketing Cloud. We provide mission-centric consultation for a speedy and high impact solutions for nonprofit and education with latest technologies. Salesforce like in all other sectors has enabled the education sector to yield brilliant and skilled personnel straight from the institutions – young, vibrant and scholarly. So what are you waiting for? Education sector has never gotten more simplified. Let’s make the most of it!


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