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Our people are the key to our success. They are so important that without them, we would be just a bunch of empty chairs! We place huge efforts into creating an exciting and rewarding workplace with the perfect balance of professionalism and fun.

We Celebrate Diversity

Talent and calibre know no cultures and boundaries. An employee works best when he is himself and we value and respect that. Diversity is at the heart of our corporate vision and we work hard at creating an environment that mirrors the diversity of the markets that we serve.

Giving back to the Community

At Dazeworks, we understand that the cumulative of individual efforts go a long way in transforming the world. To us, growth is not just the numbers, but is also reflected in our sustainability and social responsibility initiatives. Our support for the Pledge 1% initiative is a humble start in more philanthropy efforts to come.

A Unique Platform to Develop Yourself

There is no denying the fact that a startup is the best place to learn the ropes of the game. We make sure that you get the right opportunities and platforms to bring out your ideas. The experience and know-how of our seasoned experts in applications and cloud services are always things that you can bank on.

Challenging Status-Quo

Different people have different perspectives to a challenge and this is a trait that we encourage at Dazeworks. We welcome the out-of-the-box and disruptive thinker who holds the magic wand of innovation and creativity up his sleeve.

Open Positions

Content & Social Media Ninja

Full Time

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