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Salesforce Kerala DUG Meetup – Setting the tone right for the holiday season

Salesforce,Salesforce meetup kerala,Shivanath Devinarayanan,Shashank Srivatsavaya,Rajdeep Dua,Kerala User Group - posted by Shiv Devinarayanan

December is usually the most exciting time of the year and this time it’s no different. In fact, Salesforce developers have quite a few reasons to be happy – not…

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Salesforce MVPs, Ninja series Blogs



We Now Have a New Set of Keys

Dazeworks,New office,Infopark,Cherthala - posted by Dazeworks

If you have been following us on Facebook or Twitter, then you would know that we, at Dazeworks have been on the move. And for those who did not know…

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Salesforce MVPs, Ninja series Blogs



CRM Market – Spanning the Client-Consultant Divide in Salesforce

Salesforce,CRM Market,Project management,Salesforce Consultant - posted by Shiv Devinarayanan

If you’ve seen your fair share of implementation or development projects in your career, then you would surely know how challenging it is to actually manage one, effectively. You could…

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