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Salesforce app cloud - posted by Vrinda J Menon

Salesforce App cloud is an attempt by one of the world’s most successful Software as a Service (SaaS) company to consolidate its developer offerings. Salesforce App Cloud is a collection of development tools that enables developers to quickly create applications that will keep running on the Salesforce platform. According to Salesforce, App Cloud lets developers focus on building solutions rather than infrastructure.

Empowering developers to focus on code rather than infrastructure has been the original promise of Platform as a Service (PaaS). Through App Cloud, Salesforce is connecting the dots across its CRM, mobile tools, and core developer platform to deliver a unified PaaS.

App Cloud is an extension of Salesforce, which is an initiative to bring social, mobile, and cloud platforms together for enterprise developers.

Some of the amazing tools are:


The AppExchange offers free and paid applications that integrate with the Salesforce platform. The AppExchange website was the first public directory of its kind. It was launched by Salesforce on 2015. enables admins and developers to build websites and applications with Apex (a proprietary Java-like programming language for and Visualforce (an XML syntax typically used to generate HTML).

Heroku Enterprise:

The PaaS offering supports development in a variety of languages, including Ruby on Rails, Java, Python and others. Heroku enables developers to build apps on top of the Salesforce platform. Salesforce acquired it in 2010.  Heroku Enterprise is the gateway to the broader Salesforce platform.

Heroku Shield:

The power and security of app-building on Heroku can be extended with Heroku Shield. We can build apps with trust for regulated industries that must comply with strict regulations around customer data and privacy, such as managing your BAA for HIPAA compliance.


This framework was launched in 2014 at Dreamforce, and is becoming the default for building websites, applications and features within Salesforce clouds and on top of them. Lightning is the Salesforce back end, which is open to developers. The Salesforce mobile app was built on it and, as of 2016, Salesforce had announced plans to bring the Lightning framework to all its clouds and has been successful in doing so.

Platform Events:

Platform Events are used to respond to business and employee interactions in near real time. Trigger workflows with Event Objects, an object type that’s defined in the same way as custom objects and enables a fundamental change from database-centric operations to an event-driven approach.

Identity Embedded Login:

Identity Embedded Login helps to seamlessly authenticate users of third-party web applications using their Salesforce credentials or a social provider. Easily customize and manage the user registration and authentication experience centrally from Salesforce.


Trailhead is a repository of tutorials and other resources. With Trailhead, Salesforce is investing in a set of resources to encourage developers to embrace App Cloud. It comes with learning paths, tutorials, credits, and badges that developers can show off to their peers.

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