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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio

- posted by Vrinda J Menon

It’s true, email has been around quite a while. It’s as yet an incredible channel for achieving clients. Email is better in conversations, click-throughs, and number of users. Customers trust email. And marketers love it because it’s easy to track customer behavior—like which emails they open, which links they click, which offers they redeem, and on which devices. Email is an attempted and genuine approach to convey customized correspondences that construct enduring client connections.

Marketing Cloud has just the product: Email Studio. Whether you’re a digital marketing manager, a Marketing Cloud admin, or a little of both, with Email Studio you can build great emails, segment and target your audience, and send with confidence – all without any coding. It helps to quickly build and send personalized email – everything from basic newsletters to complex campaigns. Salesforce delivers promotional, transactional, and triggered messages with robust real-time reporting to track and optimize performance.

Email Studio

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio is the leading enterprise email marketing platform allowing marketers to deliver intelligent, personalized messages at scale. It connects commerce, sales, service and customer communities for consistent customer journey. Each message can be tailored using a 2D view with drag and drop tools. You can easily customise encounters for your target audience while personalizing unique content for each subscriber. And with Einstein AI integrated into the platform, email marketers can predict the needs of their customers, allowing them to recommend the right product at the right time. Using triggered automations, brands can connect with millions of customers sending one to one messages at scale even during peak times. Email Studio lets you easily switch between using templates or codes when building the right look of your message. When you are ready, review each email before sending to ensure the right content is crafted for every subscriber. Once sent, marketers can use first party data to target and attract new customers through advertising across the ladder or connect with them on their mobile devices. Then real time analytics monitors campaign performance across the entire customer journey to better optimise campaigns and ensure users stay engaged. You can approve content, monitor campaigns and manage user accounts from anywhere using the Email Studio.


  • No coding required: Accelerate email creation with an intuitive UI and drag-and-drop static and dynamic content blocks.
  • Share content development across channels: Easily tag, search, and share content across distribution channels—including email, social, and mobile using Content Builder—for content creation and management at scale.
  • Send with confidence: Test emails and see the exact customer data in the preview. No more send anxiety!
  • Built-in predictive intelligence: Take advantage of Einstein AI and send highly personalized emails with product recommendations based on past customer behavior.
  • Any email, any audience: Create all your enterprise emails with one application.

Some of the different types of emails are

  • Promotional emails: newsletters, promotions, flash sales, loyalty programs, events, and coupons
  • Transactional and triggered emails: hotel reservations, purchase confirmations, shipping notifications, overdraft alerts, and bank statements
  • Ecommerce emails: abandoned shopping cart emails, order confirmations, next-best-offer recommendations, and receipts

There are six main tools in Email Studio (also called tabs), and as a digital marketer, you will no doubt become very familiar with all of them.

  1. Content: Create and share content, including emails, using Content Builder.
  2. Subscribers: Manage your subscriber data, including creating sendable data extensions.
  3. Interactions: Initiate a triggered send.
  4. A/B testing: Use A/B testing to see what content or parameters (emails, subject lines, content blocks, send dates/times, from names, preheaders) are most effective with your audience.
  5. Tracking: See various details related to your sends, including whether or not a send actually occurred.
  6. Admin (for admins only): Manage account information, security settings, physical mailing address displayed in email footers, and more.

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