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Education Transformation is a Global Phenomenon

- posted by Vrinda J Menon

The massive proliferation of affordable computers, Internet broadband connectivity and rich education content has created a global phenomenon in which Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is being used to transform education. Cloud computing is beginning to play a key role in this transformation. Education transformations can transcend economic and social barriers, providing equal advantages and opportunities to everyone who has access to ICT.

Education CRM solutions from are empowering learning institutions and educators to build stronger, more fruitful relationships with prospects, students, alumni, parents and donors. for education allows your school and constituents to connect in the same way customers connect with businesses through channels like social and mobile, all in the cloud.

What is HEDA?

The Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) is a community-driven data architecture designed to help educational institutions use Salesforce out-of-the-box. Built in collaboration with  partners and customers, the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) provides the foundation for your connected campus, and empowers institutions of all sizes to connect with students, alumni, faculty, and staff in new ways. As an open data architecture, built on top of the Salesforce Platform, HEDA allows you to add any applications and custom functionality you might need.

CRM technology allows you to manage relationships with your constituents (including students, alumni, staff, parents, employers, and more) and track data related to all of your interactions with those constituents. It also helps teams collaborate, both internally and externally, gather insights from social media, track important metrics, and communicate via email, phone, social, and other channels.

A CRM app like Salesforce allows a Higher Ed institution to have visibility into every aspect of its relationship with a student – from financial aid information to courses and grade data. And as opposed to this information being locked away in various systems scattered across campus – it’s all in one place. So at any point in time, staff and faculty have a holistic snapshot of a student’s standing with the school and can use that information to engage in personalized and powerful ways.

CRM is not new to higher education. Many institutions have adopted departmental CRM solutions to aid in their recruiting and advancement efforts. However, many of these solutions are not integrated with one another and/or with other institution-wide systems, therefore making it more difficult to track and report on the institution’s efforts. Increasingly, universities are moving toward a centralized CRM solution to fulfill the diverse needs of a complex academic community.

HEDA Account Model

In the Higher Education Data Architecture (HEDA) Account model, the standard Salesforce Account object acts as a kind of container account referred to as the “Administrative Account” – with a single contact (often a student) associated with it. The relationship between the Account and Contact is 1-to-1. That is, for each contact you create in HEDA, you also have a unique Administrative Account. As part of the HEDA Account Model, HEDA offers two important custom objects that work in conjunction with your contacts: Relationships, which help you track relationships between contacts and Affiliations, which help you track affiliations between contacts and other accounts.

HEDA Features

  • Get a single view of all your constituents
  • Connect every touch point
  • Simplify recruitment
  • Support students
  • Optimise advancement
  • Customise communications
  • Work better together

Education Cloud Education Cloud is a cloud-based set of solutions that enables institutions of all sizes to drive student success across the life cycle from prospect to alum. Institutions can create a 360-degree view of their students and constituents by integrating data across student information systems, learning management systems, financial aid, and more. And our platform provides the solutions to turn that data into action – to recruit the right students and make smarter admissions decisions, give every student the personalized support they need, better connect with alumni and donors, and exceed fundraising goals.

Education Cloud engages institutions to achieve a connected campus vision and allows schools to better serve the needs of their students, staff, alumni and donors. You will pick up an entire perspective of your students and constituents across the lifecycle. Salesforce Recruitment and Admissions, Student Success, and Advancement solutions empower you to make customized encounters at each touchpoint.

Today, higher education institutions aren’t only serving students who are on traditional pathways. Student demographics are shifting, with three-quarters of students classified as “non-traditional”, such as adult learners, part-time students, primary caregivers and those lacking a traditional high school diploma. Higher education institutions are also preparing students for the future workforce – 65% of students entering primary school today will ultimately work in jobs that don’t yet exist.’s Education Cloud is reimagining the student experience by providing innovative tools for educational institutions to focus on student success, and giving every student the foundation to drive their own success and prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.

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