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Salesforce provides CRM Solutions for Insurance and Finance

- posted by Vrinda J Menon

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud lets you engage with your clients from anywhere. Clients today expect customized outreach, proactive insights, and goal-based planning. You can improve your productivity by starting your day with smart insights from the advisor homepage. You will be able to receive proactive account information for client engagement opportunities. You can also review marketing insights that are contextual to your book of business. Stand top of your workload with an organised to-do-list that is intelligently compiled across your relationships and get proactive alerts on any device. You can also easily segment client lists in order to find the right  information fast and take immediate actions such as assigning tasks across your team. Plus, you can learn more about clients with rich client profiles for quick and easy access to the most important information you need including tear sheets, financial accounts, household relationship groups and even client life goals. With private client communities, advisors can have powerful engage experiences, easily sharing secure messages in collaborating directly with clients from anywhere.

Salesforce for insurance gives service reps and agents the tools to deliver outstanding customer service with every interaction. Reps have access to rich customer profiles that show claims and policies. It can receive intelligent alerts such as a client life event and turn proactive alerts into new leads with one click. With Salesforce communities, reps and agents can view previous interactions from across the team through private social feed and easily engage with customers reaching them on any device and giving them a single self-service experience. Salesforce reps and agents receive intelligence insights across all channels including social, email, web and phone. They can prioritise tasks based on case urgency so that they can be there for their customers faster and with the right information. Customers can push an SOS button to communicate directly with the service rep when they need immediate help. They can even submit a photo that the service rep can add to the claim file. Customers can also track their claim from the mobile device so they know their claim is being addressed.

To learn more about how Salesforce can help you with financial services or insurance business, reach out to our expert developer and consultants at Dazeworks in India and Sri Lanka.


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