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Salesforce HEDA: Higher Education Data Architecture

- posted by Vrinda J Menon

This is the 21st century and the world is connected, students want to consume education in new ways. Educational Institutions have so many diverse needs and they need to have the ability to move in a lot of different directions. Salesforce is #1 in enterprise cloud computing which means their technology is fast, easy, open, flexible and trusted which Higher Eds need now more than ever. Salesforce for Higher Ed is the complete set of end-to-end solutions that helps schools to connect to constituents in new ways, leveraging social, mobile and cloud technologies. HEDA makes it easier for staff to adopt Salesforce and engage students at every stage of their journey.

Let’s see how this works:


  • HEDA is a community-driven data architecture and set of best practices designed to configure Salesforce out of the box for Higher Ed.
  • It is the best foundation for a connected campus.
  • Accelerate deployment time and configuration with objects and functionality created specifically for Higher Ed.
  • Leverage a newly established data standard and managed package to meet the needs of any institution.
  • Open​ ​and​ ​flexible​ to accommodate a range of use cases and end-user customization.
  • Institutions can now stay updated with Higher Ed best practices and innovation through product updates supported by
  • As an open data architecture, built on top of the Salesforce Platform, HEDA allows you to add any application and custom functionality you might need.
  • Helps in building a strong network among the students, parents, alumni and staff.
  • It helps you to become a connected campus and transform the way you recruit, ensure student success, nurture relationships, market and engage communities.
  • Automation and collaboration tool in HEDA reduces manual prophecies, getting work that used to take months done in just a few days.
  • You can transform into a connected campus engaging students in a whole new way to build relationships for life.

HEDA is built around students giving them the tools to impress prospects, help them succeed by engaging each of these communities and personalising their average. As the entire cycle is managed by Salesforce, they will get a 360 degree view of their students. It also develops connections between students and alumni because success does not end at graduation. It is designed to configure Salesforce out of the box for Higher Ed making it much easier for any school to be a connected campus. HEDA offers some credible opportunity for schools to jump start in the world of Salesforce and a map to schools which do not know how to get started. By delivering a framework that promotes growth, innovation, and interoperability, HEDA will allow Salesforce to truly become a system of engagement that drives academic and financial performance across the student lifecycle. It brings way to possibilities more than limitations.



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