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Leveraging the Power of Trailhead through myTrailhead

- posted by Manjari Vemparala

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, new features are getting redefined with new skills. Old, static, corporate learning techniques are not enough to move forward and be on top. That is why we have the biggest and best conference in the world which brings developers, admins, and business users from all over the world to inspire, motivate and educate technologists from all around the world. Instead of launching yet another cloud application at this year’s annual Dreamforce conference, Salesforce focused more on personalization. As a series of surprises, Salesforce announced five new features for their existing products based on customization and branding.

Each feature is being prefixed with “my”. They include

  • mySalesforce
  • myIOT
  • myEinstein
  • myLightning
  • myTrailhead

Introducing myTrailhead

Trailhead was initially launched in 2014 as a gamified way for employees to continually grow their skills. This feature is now rediscovered with new extending customized branding and continuous learning platform with myTrailhead, Salesforce is extending the Trailhead platform to enable companies to learn more about the environment with their own content and branding, from custom onboarding trails to company-specific enablement skills.

myTrailhead appears to be entirely different, making every step customizable, fun and at the center of the business. Companies can now move from learning tools—FAQs, slide decks and static manuals to a single modern and stylized platform for corporate learning. myTrailhead transforms businesses by bringing together many new and existing features including:

Trailhead: Trailhead helps us to view your complete profile. The profile shows the Trailhead badges earned, points scored, and the skills you have learned. When employees want to switch roles, or take on a special project at a company, managers will have a complete view of their skill set to help recruit internally.

Trailhead dazeworks

Trailhead Maker: Companies can create their customized content for every employee for learning with their own brand. With Trail Maker companies can write and create their own materials or customize public Trailhead content. Employees can have best practices for customer services, new hires and more.

Trailhead dazeworks

Trail Mixer: Employees can construct or share the paths called Trailmixes which can be created using public Trailhead, where content is built on different platforms like videos, slide presentations etc.

Example: TrailMixer will be able to create one Trailmix that consolidates all relevant onboarding materials, both within and outside of Trailhead.

Trailhead dazeworks

Trailhead Tracker: Trail Tracker is an app that helps employees with boards and helps managers to assign and track  personalized learning across their organization. They can assign and track to see which of them has completed the course. Once complete, the new manager will be awarded with a badge, showcasing their competency right on their profile. The badges earned and milestones reached will be showcased on a leaderboard where they will be ranked among their peers.

Trailhead dazeworks

Trailhead Checker: Trail Checker rates and rewards learning and helps to design  an interactive challenge to assess skills which includes stand-and-deliver, quizzes and hands-on challenges. For example, a customer service lead can certify service reps for a call center by having each rep use the stand-and-deliver assessment tool to record and upload a simulated role-play video, scoring the presentation and awarding a badge directly on the rep’s myTrailhead profile if they pass.

Trailhead dazeworksTrailhead is providing education and a very friendly path for everyone who likes to learn for free, from anywhere. Business, education and skill-building users can make use of this platform with features provided. They can add their own content and branding to further customize the platform. This Dreamforce annual conference brought the biggest and best out of every product and made sure once again that Salesforce is one of the leading CRMs out there.




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