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How Salesforce Lightning Accelerates your Business

- posted by Pooja Prakash J

If you’ve ever used Salesforce or a similar system in the past, you’ll find the launch of Salesforce Lightning simply amazing. The system is light, fast and designed to work with you. Salesforce Lightning was built entirely on the Salesforce App Cloud and includes the Lightning App Builder, Lightning Components and the all-new Lightning Design System. This allows you to create effective enterprise apps that can accelerate your business without stress.

According to Marc Benioff, chairman and chief executive officer, Salesforce, “Lightning is a game-changer for Salesforce and our customers. It is fueling an unparalleled level of innovation across our entire Customer Success Platform. No other company is delivering this kind of platform, ecosystem and user experience to enable companies to transform themselves and connect with their customers in entirely new ways.”

Lightning Accelerates the Development Process: Lightning is designed with drag-and-drop ease, which opens up the power of Lightning development to a wider audience. Usually, coders work with minimal real-time input or participation from admins or end users. Lightning shortens app development time by bringing stakeholders closer. Also, Lightning apps are future-proofed, and will not be broken by automatic platform upgrades and hence do not need much maintenance.

Accelerates Analytics: In platforms like Salesforce, data is never easy to understand. As a solution and to make things simpler for the users, Salesforce came up with a tool with which you can visualize the data graphically, known as the Lightning Schema Builder. This lets developers spend more time on refining and improving your world-changing app rather than waste their time with the database and other constructs. Lightning also provides a UI designed for powerful reports and flexible dashboards, all created with drag-and-drop ease according to the growing needs of the business.

User Participation Increases: Lightning brings the user community and the development process together. The problems faced are brought into the app assembly loop, where their insights improve and enhance your apps with a hands-on, drag-and-drop fix. Lightning Process Builder empowers everyone to respond to business needs by creating custom workflows that automate complex business processes in a short time. Social collaboration makes it easy to share files, applications etc across Salesforce.

Accelerates Deployment: With the Lightning platform dealing with the rest of the process which includes data management and storage and third-party integration, the developers get to focus on what matters to the business. Through the Salesforce1 Mobile App, you can now roll out  apps or deploy the same functionality with just a single tap. This gives the users the ease to work from anywhere, anytime.



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