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Pass Salesforce Certs the Forrest Gump Way!

Salesforce Certification,Forrest Gump - posted by Pooja Prakash J

“My Mama always told me that miracles happen every day. Some people don’t think so, but they do.” And then you would hear little Jenny yelling – “Run, Forrest, run! Run, Forrest!”. Yes, those are just one among many inspirational scenes that I love from the movie “Forrest Gump”.
Wait! Now, I want to watch it and here you go

Alright, movies aside, Salesforce Certification ain’t a miracle. But if you are determined and if you have the will then there is nothing that can stop you. It’s Jenny’s words that motivated Gump and helped him recover from his illness. That being said, let’s just peek into a conversation happening between two folks – Jenny and Jack (Yeah! Not, Gump. Jack’s our hero here). Jack seems to be disappointed after two failed attempts at writing a Salesforce Certification.

Sorry! But remember this isn’t a blog post where you’ll see links or shortcuts to passing the Salesforce Certification. But it may very well be a true story where Jenny motivated and inspired her friend Jack to come up and pass his failed exam.

Salesforce has become the talk of the town. Jack hears about its booming job opportunities. He wants a job in this technology, so he urged himself to grab certifications thinking that would help.. He tries to learn Salesforce. But unfortunately not in the right way! He mugs up all the dumps he could find and thought he was ready for the exam.The results were not surprising. He didn’t make it! He tries again without still realizing his mistake and to the worst of his luck, fails miserably. That’s when he approaches Jenny –

Jenny: Hey Jack! How’s everything going? You look dull and disappointed. What’s going on?

Jack: Hello! Yeah, things haven’t been quite right. I kinda lost my confidence.

Jenny: Ouch! What happened that was so disheartening? What drained your confidence ?!?

Jack: Well I have been hearing about Salesforce quite a lot. And I thought I would give it a try.. There seems to be a lot of opportunities but the only caveat is a certification. And yeah I tried doing that twice and no luck Jenny!

Jenny: I am sorry you didn’t make it. And yes, Salesforce is one of those growing opportunities. But tell me, did you really get the hang of it before you even attempted the exam? It’s pretty amazing to work with, though.

Jack: Hang of ongoing No, I didn’t really try. I actually got a lot of questions. Ahem! Call it dumps. Yeah and I thought that should do it. But…..

Jenny: Ah! Sorry, Jack but shame on you. You never even tried but went down to a bunch of dumps to pass an exam ?!? That’s never right. Remember learning comes by experiencing and doing it and not by mugging up a bunch of questions. Salesforce is a carefully developed platform that isn’t so hard to learn. I would suggest you do it right. Go to and download the study guide for your exam.

After you do that, you should create an account in a free Developer Edition of Salesforce. It’s absolutely free! Go through the study guide, pick up the topic, read the Salesforce articles relating to that specific topic. Salesforce has an excellent Knowledge Base and you should really use it. And wait! Not just reading the whole day! After you finish reading it, go and get your hands dirty. Open your Developer Edition account and try the feature right within Salesforce. Believe me, that’s how you learn it. Last but not the least, go and try out Trailhead. That’s where fun and learning comes together.

Jack: I am sorry! I think I didn’t do justice to myself.

Jenny: Hmm…It’s never too late Jack!

Jack: I am gonna do it right for sure.I am signing up for a free Developer Edition right away.

Jenny: Wait! Don’t forget to check out study groups too. There are plenty of them. See if you have a virtual or may be live session happening periodically closer to your region. Don’t hesitate to go join them.

Jack: Sure thing. Where can I find that?

Jenny: Login to Go to the Collaboration Tab and you should see a list of available or on going Study Groups there. And remember learning never stops! Once you are certified, you should try helping the folks out there who are aspiring to have a successful career in Salesforce like you. Start your own Study Group or may even volunteer with the running ones.

Jack successfully passed his Salesforce Certification. Not just one, but a couple of them. Jenny’s words truly inspired and motivated him and paved the path to his success. The best part is that today Jack works as a certified Salesforce Administrator/Ninja for a company we know!!



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