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Marc Benioff piques curiosity with the new Salesforce Einstein

Dreamforce,Salesforce Eienstein,Artificial Intelligence - posted by Soumini Vidyasagar

Marc Benioff, apart from being everything else, is also a master in evoking curiosity. He surprises everyone by introducing something new to the tech world at every Dreamforce. But being the showman that he is, his master stroke begins with creating a curious buzz among the people before the main revelation. Just weeks before introducing, he gives away bits and pieces of the product. That is exactly what he has done last week when he lifted the veil (just a teeny weeny bit) on introducing a new Artificial Intelligence (AI) product called Salesforce Einstein at this year’s Dreamforce.

The news comes via a Forbes Magazine story, where Benioff tells us that Einstein will integrate AI into almost all of Salesforce’s products, injecting predictive suggestion and insights into service, marketing and sales, as well as its newest efforts in collaboration and commerce. He adds that Einstein won’t just slot in as another “cloud” for his executives to sell. Instead, Einstein will serve as a new nerve system across the entire business. “We are going to catch our competitors by surprise”, he quips in.

For the sixth year in a row, Forbes also named Salesforce to its annual list of “The World’s Most Innovative Companies.” Like last year, Salesforce comes in at second place, just behind Tesla Motors at number one. Maintaining the company’s explosive growth from the past five years into the future will pose big challenges, Benioff said. “We’re changing the engines on a 747 in mid flight.”

But Benioff has been saying he believes so strongly in artificial intelligence. He has teamed up with Salesforce chief scientist Richard Socher, a Stanford AI researcher who founded a startup called MetaMind with backing from Benioff.

Salesforce, which projected fiscal 2017 sales of $8.27 billion to $8.32 billion, bought companies such as RelateIQ, Implisit, PredictionIO, Tempo and others. “We’ve been able to stitch all this together and focus on AI. AI is the next wave of our industry and this has resulted in a machine learning team of more than 175 data scientists who have built this amazing Einstein platform,” Benioff excitedly adds in.

So what we presume will happen is that all of Salesforce’s products will have Einstein built in – Sales Cloud Einstein, Service Cloud Einstein, Marketing Cloud Einstein and Analytics Cloud Einstein.

“If this is not the next big thing, I don’t know what is,” he says. Well we can’t help but agree to that! Make sure you are there with us at Dreamforce ‘16 to witness much such exciting stuff. See you there!



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