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Salesforce for Higher Ed brings to you the Connected Campus

Education CRM solutions,Right Recruitment,360 Degree Student View - posted by Soumini Vidyasagar

Salesforce is well known to connect businesses with their customers. Now Salesforce allows schools and their  constituents to connect in the same way. Education CRM solutions from helps in building a strong network among the students, parents, alumni and staff; all by placing students at the center of everything. Let’s see how this works:

Connect with Every Touch-point

Salesforce for Higher Ed is a set of solutions that allows you to connect with constituents in new ways using today’s cloud technologies. Imagine a single, connected view of every interaction with every prospect, recruits, faculty, students and alumni. That’s exactly what Salesforce for Higher Ed has to offer.

Right Recruitment

Every university is on the lookout for prospective students / applicants. Understanding what kind of prospects to search for and where to find them is very important. Salesforce for Recruiting allows you to boost recruiter productivity and performance, increase yield, and gain complete insight.

360 Degree Student View

Students are of many kinds. Institutes need to identify what makes their students tick, and connect with them in a way that they understand how much they matter to you. A focus on student success and retention is critical for the growth of your university as well as your brand. Salesforce for Student Success helps you get a 360-degree student view, provide frictionless service, and cultivate a strong student community.

Managing the Past, Present and Future

By maintaining lifelong relations with your alumni, you’re giving past students and potential donors the opportunity to connect with you beyond campus boundaries. Engaging with your alumni through the social web means they can connect to you on their terms. Salesforce for Advancement can help you build long-lasting alumni relationships and increase performance results.

The Art of Marketing

The youth today are all over social media. Be it Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat; they are always voicing their opinions and thoughts online. They even interact within groups and forums about just every thing; from which school to choose to the quality of Wi-Fi in campus and to what’s for lunch in the school canteen. Institutes can craft the ultimate 1:1 student experience by leveraging Salesforce for Marketing. Salesforce offers solutions that allow you to plan and optimize student interactions and deliver personalized content across all channels.

The Next Level of 1:1 Student Experience

Collaboration can be an incredibly tedious task, especially when so many different departments are involved. Placing students at the center of everything means students need to have seamless experience, regardless of which department they interact with. Salesforce for Community Engagement allows you to break down silos and enable community members to easily find answers to their questions from anywhere. Next time you have a question for any department, post the question to a Community and get flooded with answers. You can also get involved in the brainstorming discussions with your co workers within the Community.

Now that Salesforce has finally moved beyond the boardroom and into your classroom, we can definitely say that Salesforce for Higher Ed drives breakthrough performance across the student lifecycle. If you need help in learning how this can work for you, drop  a comment below for a free consultation.



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