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Experience the Power of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud

innovations in Cloud,Salesforce Analytics Cloud - posted by Soumini Vidyasagar

It is vital for any company to closely understand its performance in every aspect and fill up the gaps wherever needed. Analytics are important to measure and track results across time. Gone are the days of making reports and charts from structured data and taking actions based on historical evidence. In this volatile market, enterprises demand real-time response, not just casual analysis. Decisions need to be made based on insights; not instincts!

Salesforce, already known to conquer the business world with their innovations in Cloud, introduced their Business Intelligence tool; the Analytics Cloud called Wave in 2014. With the help of this , companies can explore data, uncover new insights and take instant actions from any device. Let’s see how this Cloud can create a wave in your business:


  • For quick analyses, you can view your dashboard which is a combination of carefully selected charts, tables, graphs and metrics related to specific sides of your business. Dashboards also provide you quick snapshots of the areas that need your attention and the key performing indicators.
  • Analytics Cloud helps you in understanding your leads and prospects and allows you to improve the mechanism used to convert your leads into valuable customers.
  • We already know Salesforce gives utmost importance to data-security. Hence, the Analytics Cloud can help you draw new insights and results from all your confidential data, reports and charts.
  • With the help of Analytics Cloud, you can discover a pattern that might be hard to detect by looking at each report individually. You can even build reports without troubling your IT, and make changes and updates right within the app.
  • Last, but undoubtedly not the least, is mobility. Analytics Cloud, powered by the Wave Platform was designed mobile-first and optimized for tablet, phone, and watch. So whether you are in the café enjoying that cup of coffee or you are sitting in front of your customer, you can have access to all the data you need.

A real-time view of your team’s vital statistics is what every company needs. With the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, we can guarantee you a more streamlined, more mobile and more productive business experience.

Need help in understanding more about how this amazing product from  Salesforce can work with your business? Drop us a comment below to schedule a free consultation with our experts.




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