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How Salesforce Sales Cloud Helps Steer Your Business

CRM,Sales Cloud - posted by Pooja Prakash J

Yet another blog post on Sales Cloud? I know those words hit you right on the face when you saw the heading of the blog post. Well, that’s not the fact. Let us look at Sales Cloud from a different perspective!

Imagine what a business would do if the Sales Cloud never existed. We all know that “CRM is an inevitable tool for any organization or institution or establishment that sells services, solutions or products to end users or customers” So let us take an example of a business that we see everyday- an electronics retail shop!

The shop operates their entire sales process through excel sheets and other tools and software. Imagine that you visited this shop to buy a washing machine. You never finalized on the first visit, but remember that you were recorded as a potential customer in their sheet. Then there were repeated calls to you from the retailer giving you various promotions and discounts. Finally you decided to visit the shop again to make a deal! You do a lot of bargaining and in the end both of you decide upon a fixed price. Alas, they have won the deal and you now have a good charming washing machine sitting at a good spot in your house.

Now what you need to know are the challenges faced by the shop in the process:
• Storing your details in excel sheets made it hard to manage
• No tools to record the calls made to you
• No track of emails sent
• No place to show the records saying you have become their customer
• No track of the bargaining process
• Information on the product was stored in excel sheets
• No visibility into sales made over a period of time

This is where the incredibly flexible and adaptive Sales Cloud platform comes into play. With Sales Cloud you can:

Close more deals: Here, it helps the shop to have a complete view of their customer, including the main contacts, communication details and the internal discussions. With opportunity management, all the details on the team’s deals including status, products, competition, quotes and the lot can be accessed.

Get more leads: Leads can now be fully tracked across every channel with lead management. Also with Marketing Automation, the sales and marketing teams can work together to generate and qualify leads, shorten sales cycles, and demonstrate marketing accountability.

Accelerate productivity: The shop can now design and automate complex business and deal approval processes. They can also empower the inside sales teams with a single view of all prospect intelligence using Visual workflow. Contacts and events can also be synced with Salesforce with the help of the Email integration tool.

Make perceptive decisions: Now, the retailers can get a real-time picture of their business in a click with access to reports and dashboards. They can also get an actual view of the team’s forecasts with the help of Sales Forecasting.

Equipped with all these facilities from Salesforce Sales Cloud, the electronics shop now has nothing to worry about and can actually dream of a successful future with wonderful sales happening!

Our expert Salesforce Ninjas have helped a number of companies like the electronics shop to gain the Salesforce advantage. Have a question for our experts or a similar story to share? Let us know in the comments below.


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