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5 Powerful Features of the Salesforce Community Cloud from Summer’16

Summer'16,Salesforce Community - posted by Pooja Prakash J

Branded communities are a dynamic way to improve connections with your employees, partners and customers. For this, Salesforce Community Cloud is one of the best platforms in the business. Salesforce is one of the biggest and most used CRM tools in the world. Since all businesses are likely to be riddled by different challenges at times, it is necessary to have an all-in-one solution to these problems. Realizing this, Salesforce launched a series of add-on services and products to totalize their main CRM solution. Salesforce Community Cloud is one of the many add-ons that mark a shift in the approach of businesses with their customers and partners. This  elevates the normal, transactional and portal-focused paradigm to a more social and collaborative model.

Communities serve many purposes:

  • To drive more sales by connecting employees with distributors and suppliers.
  • To deliver better service by giving an all-in-one solution.
  • To manage content, engagement and workflow simultaneously in one place.

This summer, Salesforce launched new  features of the Community Cloud which focuses on Communities, Chatter and Files. These are ones worth watching out for by anyone working with the Salesforce platform. Here’s a short list of the exciting features:


  • Lock Service for Communities enhances security 
    This ensures more stability  and better security measures within the platform for Lightning based communities.
  • Improved search satisfies clients with what they need.
    Community members can now see search results based on objects they can access provided they are also searchable. They have more control over tab visibility and also on what they want to search.
  • Leverage Lightning Design Tokens to brand custom components
    Developers can use a subset of the standard design tokens to develop custom Lightning components, making branding more consistent and administration much easier.
  • Profile-based Page visibility helps to control page visibility.
    One can now target a specific audience and control who sees what based on their profile.  With Page visibility, one can also make as many page variations to the tabs as they wish
  • Flexible and customizable tabs to get more creative.
    The tabs component helps in customizing tabs and group components to the set tabs, thus adding structure to the page. Unlimited number of tabs can be opened and components can be added providing more access to   clients.

Salesforce Communities offer a great opportunity for customers, partners, suppliers and distributors to connect and collaborate within their own external support network. It personalizes the way of sharing information, collaborating internally on projects and communication with customers. In other words, it boosts the engagement, efficiency and productivity of the company.



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