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Bob to the rescue with Salesforce service cloud

Salesforce,Service Cloud - posted by Pooja Prakash J

Let me introduce – John who happens to be a successful entrepreneur and has been running his Cell Phone Business well for the past year. He has seen an increased growth in sales for the past couple of months. But with goodness, there also comes a bit of sadness! Read to know how John got through this tough time with the help of Salesforce.

The following is a conversation between John and his friend Bob. Bob is a Salesforce MVP and a Senior Developer who has been working with the platform for over 3 years. If you ever have any questions or problems regarding Salesforce he is the man to go to!

Here is a similar situation where Bob helps John work his way through the problem.

John: Hey Bob. How’ve you been?

Bob:  Pretty well my friend. How’s everything with you?

John: Well! Things are good. I am seeing some good business happening too. But not everything is fine.

Bob: Oh! What happened John?!

John:  We have been facing a few issues with scaling up. Since we have a lot of customers out there now, managing complaints have become a lot more difficult! We have been asking our customers to send Emails and make Phone Calls to register their complaints. But that just ain’t working. We do have support staff at office, but they are missing emails and phone calls. My customers are going crazy because there have been no proper escalations.

Bob: I am sorry to hear that. Let us find a way out of this.Tell me what are your basic needs?

John: Okay! So here it goes:

[i] I need a website where my customers can log in and log complaints.

[ii] There needs to be a Live Chat facility where customers can directly interact with the customer service personnel.

[iii] Customers should have total transparency. They should be able to use the website like a mini “Facebook” where they can make Posts, Comments, Likes, Dislikes and all that.

[iv] There should be facilities to do Case Escalations, a way by which my engineers can create Knowledge Articles and Solutions to common problems and grievances.

[v] Everything should be tightly knit with our Social Media Channels.

[vi] It should provide a good User Interface for the Support Staff and it should all be in a single page.

Bob:  That’s one long list. Alright. Let me get my folks on board and see what they have to say. But you know what? Building all this by hand is going to cost you some serious bucks. So that won’t work. But I have an idea. Ever heard of something called Salesforce?

John: What “force”?

Bob: Salesforce!

John: No, I haven’t!

Bob: offers a wide range of cloud based products and one of them is called Service Cloud which is exactly what you need!

John: Is it? Does it offer all that I need?

Bob: It does! Let me explain:

 [i] Communities: This feature in Service Cloud lets your customers  create accounts and login just like they would do on other forums. They can then log cases, see the status of their existing cases and so on. It would also provide a feature through which they can create posts, ask questions, get them answered by your engineers or support staff, add  comments, like, dislike and the lot.

[ii] Live Agent: Your customers can talk to your support reps in real time through a chat window! What more do you need?!?

[iii] Omni Routing: This feature allows the logged complaints to be routed to the most appropriate support reps, keeping in mind relevant criteria  such as his/her availability, skill levels and what not! Isn’t that what you want?

[iv] Knowledge: An exhaustive Knowledge Management System wherein your engineers can draft full-scaled manuals / documents with inbuilt rating and approval mechanisms.

[v] Lightning Console: View cases simultaneously, have the Live Chat at the bottom right corner, automatically suggests matching Knowledge Articles for the cases with solutions. Makes sense John?!

John: Thanks a lot Bob!! This is amazing! I am so glad I came to know this. I need to get this up and running as soon as possible.

And thus Bob saves the day yet again for another person in trouble by giving the perfect solution to all his problems!

Have any questions  you would like to add in like John? Comment below and we’ll see if we can get ‘Bob’ to answer that for you!



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