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Salesforce Basics: How Trailhead helps your Career

Salesforce for behinners,Trailhead,Salesforce Basics - posted by Pooja Prakash J

Gone are the days when you had to read long-winding PDFs and documents to learn about Salesforce. Now it’s the age of Trailhead where you can easily learn anything related to Salesforce with the help of trails, modules and units designed for easier understanding.

What is Trailhead?
It is a resource that focuses mainly on the beginner and intermediate users to transform the way they use Salesforce. Trailhead lets you learn at your own pace with high-quality, user-friendly ‘Trails’ that are divided into individual modules. Each module is made of units that teach specific skills. Users can earn points and shiny new badges for completing challenges and modules.

Key Features that Make Trailhead Unique
Gamification: It’s one of the most interesting and fun aspects of Trailhead. You are awarded points and badges upon completing each module. This is almost similar to the video games that you have played where you collect coins to enter into the next level! Here, you earn points and badges which you can display on your user profile to show off your expertise!

You get to learn Salesforce at your own pace: There is no hurry while learning through Trailhead. You get to take your time for each module, repeat a Trail that you have learnt to reinforce your learning and also retake a quiz or challenge. But, be warned, it’s highly ‘addictive’ and you may just find yourself taking up trails in a row one after the other!

You win Badges! What’s more exciting than that: When you don’t know something in Salesforce, Trailhead is where should learn it from. They have modules for nearly everything under the Salesforce sun. Shoutout to Chris Duarte and team for the amazing work that they do! Collect badges as you complete each module and add these badges to your social media profiles like LinkedIn and Developer profiles. You also gain a lot of confidence just by earning Trails. The more badges you earn, the more badges you will WANT to earn!

If you’ve not tried Trailhead yet, then you surely are missing out on a lot.

Go ahead and Take a Trail now.


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