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Kerala WIT Meetup- First Gathering of the Girly Geeks

kerala,Women in Tech - posted by Pooja Prakash J

The ladies of Kerala WIT got together for their initial meetup at Chai Cofi in Kochi on June 19th. Being the first meetup, the group was small in number, but a lot of information and ideas were exchanged. The session started with everybody introducing themselves and then we moved on to a talk about the theme of Women in Tech.

Women in Tech is a group that helps women take their professional career a step forward no matter what part of tech or what part of professional development they may be in. This is a platform where an amazing panel of successful women share the stories of their dreams, what matters to them and how they can meet and overcome challenges.


This meetup was no different. It was a short one which went on for about two hours. We talked about social media handles and shared a few pages which we could follow to know more about Salesforce since most of us were new to it. The Kerala WIT consists of women not just from the technical side, but also from the functions like content and marketing. The common binding force between us was that we enjoyed technology and valued the potential that it holds. This was the reason why we decided that our future session will involve sharing things we learn at workplace in an attempt to create a support group for all the members.  

We also had a discussion about the common issues that women face both within and outside their workplace. We did some brainstorming  on possible themes for the upcoming meetings: what we will be focussing on, things we could do to make the meetings more interactive and effective and the lot. The next meetup is scheduled for July 10 and we expect many more women to take part.

A huge thanks to Zachary Jeans who came to Kerala as part of his SFIndiaTour and inspired us by sharing his wonderful thoughts and ideas with us.

Have any suggestions on how we can make the next meetup more productive? Comment below.



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