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Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Pardot-The Perfect Blend of Solutions

Pardot,Salesforce Marketing - posted by Mousumi Chatterjee

Marketing Cloud and Pardot are powerful tools for engagement and sales. Marketing Cloud maps the multi-channel customer journey and branding to customer whereas Pardot deals with lead scoring and nurturing. Through the Marketing Cloud, an organization can gather customer feedback and related information through social media, emails and mobile. When using Pardot, the organization can collect and maintain information through use of emails, landing pages, lead nurturing and lead scoring.

Conventionally, Pardot and Marketing Cloud can be linked to E-mail Marketing. Many may consider both tools to have more or less the same functionality, but that’s where the misconception lies. Pardot tool focuses on a business-to-business market and Marketing Cloud mainly attracts the business-to-consumer audience. Therefore, the dyad will never meet each other.

 Marketing Cloud:

What if you could connect with your customers with the help of targeted message delivery by sending out the right message to the right person at the right time? The marketing cloud is a powerful 1:1 digital marketing platform, making it easy to listen and engage with customers on social media. This customer data platform allows unlimited storage for businesses to build a single view of their customer’s data from anywhere such as e-commerce, web behaviour and CRM applications like Salesforce.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be used in the following ways:

  • Create automated journeys with a single map up.
  • Assign triggers based on customer behaviour.
  • Set campaign goals.
  • Personalize contacts according to trigger across any device using drag and drop tools.
  • Test any idea that comes to your mind.

Email marketing from Marketing Cloud is an application that lets the organization plan, personalize and optimize the customer journey. It also helps to understand customer requirements better and measure the results so that the business can maximize marketing spend.

Pardot :

Pardot Marketing Automation by SFDC provides access to everything a business needs to generate leads and drive results at the click of a button. You can create an automated campaign in minutes without the help of IT using a simple drag and drop interface. Templates make it easy to create beautiful branded emails and landing pages. The formats are compatible across devices and the campaigns can be shared with sales. This way you can send messages in context to the engaged prospects and track paths. Each prospect is approached with a complete view of the buyer’s journey at your fingertips.

Pardot Marketing Automation Solution provides real-time sales startup,CRM integration, prospect tracking and analytics. It also adds lead scoring and grading, simplified lead management,social selling and intuitive interfaces which allows its customer to fully automate multivariate testing and load pages without ‘expert’ knowledge.

Sales Marketing Cloud and Pardot are tools that are exceptionally powerful and have their own influence on the Marketing Platform. Pardot and Marketing Cloud can act as a dynamic intermediary between Marketing and Sales to manage and operate a customer 1:1.

Using Marketing Cloud, Pardot and Sales Cloud together can drive huge benefits for the organization. A simple example for this is – Sales Cloud gathers the records contact data and sends it to the Marketing Cloud for social media messaging. It then fetches the lead scoring data of Pardot to handle automation for the Sales team . Marketing Cloud then sends emails to prospects which helps in serving the primary platform. This shows how using both Pardot and Marketing Cloud is the ideal solution to significantly improve marketing planning and strategy.

Have a question on how your business can gain from Marketing Cloud or Pardot or both? Drop a comment below and we can help you out.



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