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Pledge 1% by Feeding the Needy

Dazeworks,Pledge 1% - posted by Pooja Prakash J

Happiness is giving and serving others.

This month, as part of our Pledge 1% initiative, we decided to visit the Government Taluk Hospital,Cherthala and make it a special day by providing the patients there with good homely food. The hospital has over 50 patients along with nearly 100 bystanders. Many of them belong to the minority group within the district. For them, the government hospital is their best chance at getting timely medical treatment. Patients are also served food by external sponsors at least thrice a week, making the hospital a blessing for them.

We met with the medical superintendent of the hospital and were granted permission to serve food as per the prescribed diet for the patients. Being a government hospital, the patients are given free medicines along with lunch and dinner. So when the superintendent said that it was breakfast that they had no access to, we decided to contribute towards the cause.

On May 24, our team reached the hospital at 7.30 in the morning and saw that there was already a long queue of around 100 people waiting for the food to be served. Once we started the distribution, we realized that there is nothing more joyful than seeing the satisfied smiles as the food that filled both their tummies and hearts. The day could not have been more meaningful. When you give more, you realize how rewarding it is to give back and make a difference in the lives of people within your community.



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